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Gentrifying Hobos
Note how the older hobo only spoke of himself not having to put anyone else's lifestyle down to validate his own.

Its impossible to declare yourself a TI when yer homeless, becuz that simply means a homeless person who is delusional to your average person. Also, I cannot believe how psychiatry has taken over the minds and hearts of this culture to the point where people no longer have a common sense about being human. It seems to me that people were more familiar with being human back when no one knew about what made humans tick so intricately as now. My grandmother from WWII could explain human motives for doing things that were simplistic and made sense. Nothing clinical just humans reacting to stimulus and thier environment but described as a fellow human being, not an observer.

One of the indications that we have become a society that is withdrawn from experiencing life fully is this leaning people have now towards playing the observer or the armchair clinician concerning human behavior. Its the height of arrogance and vanity certainly but no one seems to be informed of that. Tell of a friend's story, a reaction to a life situation and people may actually take to analyzing this according to information they have read or thier own experience in therapy. Since I now know that psychiatry is covering up for human atrocities, mind control slavery and human experimentation as well as psychology is obviously being utilized for such endeavors, its difficult to believe anything they come up with to explain human behavior. Its hard for people to accept the simplicity of Nature building human beings with back up programs and fail safes, like nervous breakdowns as a sort of reset like a computer or going nomadic (homeless, houseless traveler) as the most natural thing in the world for survival and self preservation. Its just returning to a primitive human state of being. Now that seems rather scientific, so why cant that be given as one reason people freak out and hit the road? In the old days, people would say they were hitting the road to find themselves or get thier heads together. Obviously there is something theraputic for certain people in traveling to sort things out or test themselves to get some inner feedback, or to gain feedback from the spaces they travel in and people they meet.

The problem with psychiatry is it exists in this little insular world. What I experienced each time I went out to travel was the land and the people on it. Some places are so without human life that if you drive through them long enough, this almost psychedelic experience occurs where you start feeling like a dinosaur is up ahead somewhere. Its no surprise to me that psychiatry festers like a cancer in places like the northeast and the coasts or in certain parts of the land locked midwest where man has full control over the terrain. Psychiatry is wonderfully overpowered and out of place when put up against the mountains and deserts of the southwest with the Native population playing diplomat between we European guests and the land. The same goes for those primitive spaces I wrote of, mostly in the northwest, which is the strangest part of the USA in my perception. Its like being on another planet for some reason.

There are things in human experience and Nature that psychiatry cannot and does not account for. We, the people, should never have allowed such a system to overtake our minds, our perceptions about the human experience.

And psychiatry is closely aligned with the homeless industry but that is hidden however. But we the homeless know that one wrong move and its much easier to label us mentally ill as 'homeless' people than say, a CEO who goes psychotic from overwork and sleep. Ive been there being targeted, traveling and trying to write as well and I know that no one in this society would understand that I was overworked unless I really did my best to be in top form when I was confronted, which is also draining.

The homeless industry works closely alongside the mental health industry. This creates an environment where homeless people are under constant threat of being labeled or put away for the stresses of thier situations as well as whatever is going on that is trauma related.

To me this seems like the actions of a criminal trying to cover up their criminal activities, not an honest system trying to find out why people are homeless.
After going through this so long, the most dangerous information I possess is not concerning local career criminals or even MILABS or my mother being harassed out of going to testify being a radiation experimentee as a crime by the US govt (obviously). Its the fact that a situation like mine blows the lid off of a massive industry that feeds non profits, mental health industry which includes big pharma, real eastate (low income housing, SRO's), HUD and other govt funding, the penal system which is now a corporate venture that no one is willing to mess with. Allowing the prison system to go corporate is like allowing the SS to have its own private fun houses for profit or letting the guard in an empire go private instead of remaining under the Emporers control. Its so corrupt in nature its ridiculous.

One has to wonder why so many people are chronically homeless and why a country where science can whittle the human gene down or a disease down to atoms and molecules and tag them to find out what really makes things tick- why such a society where the Pentagon 'misplaces' billions- why cant they find out why one sub culture exists the way it does and why the differing demographics within that culture are homeless for different reasons. Its a scam thats why. You always knew the system was shady but my story, if believed, actually provides the missing pieces as to why these social problems exist as they do.

This is probably why there is never any representation from within the homeless population themselves but always they are represented by people within the given fields above. There are all kinds of fun legal things you can come up with concerning homelessness in the USA. And all of them are going to get systematically ignored just like the people who suffer such injustices. Becuz human experimentation as well as RA is being covered up for. Whats disgusting is that they have built up a huge money making machine around victimization of human beings that is covert in nature. And anyone who makes such claims, even with cause or sensible deduction using documentation is either labeled or called conspiracy theorist- becuz that is quite alot of money you see, that they are covering up for. Why should they tell the truth?

The point of all my work is not to gain justice becuz humans have never been capable of living without exploiting other humans. But to be aware such things exists, makes it less likely one will fall into their traps and become thier next victim for profit. From what I have experienced, there exists a faction thats entire purpose on this earth is to cause havoc, chaos, death, murder and pain and suffering. Not being religious but realistic, I can only say that some human beings nature is simply different from decent people, and the sooner you realize that, the harder it will be to be fooled.

Then of course the list of 'hobos' has to be impressive with lots of name dropping, once again a hobo must be higher quality.

I wonder when people will get realistic and admit that certain people are targeted and that is why we keep moving and 'would rather beg'..which is bs. I would have loved to have built a life for myself by now that was solid.

Of course society hardly even knows there is an underground travel scene in the USA, forget about the fact that many Targeted Individuals find themselves chronically homeless, then have to take up with becoming a traveler and begging is part of that.

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A hidden world, growing beyond control

These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.

The investigation's other findings include:

* Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States.

* An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances

These are the employees of private contractor intel companies - this is why they're so rude, they work for shareholders, and are outcome based, and don't have to worry about police as they're in it too!

This is it! lk Peace