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Remote Influence Tech Present In Day and Night Shelters

What I have discovered lately is there seems to be remote influence in two of the places I go in Cambridge and I also experienced this as strongly in San Diego.

There have been places where I know damn well there is a state I am in that is not natural, its induced and its due to the location. Upon leaving that place that state subsides. Today it occured to me plainly. I staying in a particular drop in until closing time and noted that the experience of being kept in a false state of being due to remote influence magically be lifted 6 minutes before closing on the hour. This is not the first time I have noticed this recently.

This was an experience eerily similar to what I have experienced in certain hotels and hostels. There will be remote influence used to either add to the behavior modification program or outright torture and every single time I have documented that in certain locations, as afore mentioned, this activity or induced state will cease at the time of check out. Often I have stayed after check out in such places so got to experience the same location after designated check out time.

I have of course over the years experienced being hit or handled by remote influence in night shelters as well. If I didnt sense any heavy influence through technology, I experienced alot of harassment or anymosity from other clients, usually mobbing. This is one of the main reasons to drive a Target into homelessness. They can be heavily mobbed and harassed in an enclosed environment and herded into a small communal area where mobbing as well as using tech on just one building is convenient.

Imagine how a TI feels about being housed or put into a program. Many of us are smart enough to realize that this is akin to herding cows into one pen for a slaughter, its that simple. This is also why many homeless people sleep outside or choose to avoid shelters at all costs. Its not just the conditions that are present for people who are simply homeless, imagine what goes on on with people who are Targeted and homeless. Its a nightmare. The only thing positive about it is that there is staff who, if not compromised, can step in and prevent further abuse of a Targeted person, whether they understand thats the situation or not.

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