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Protests Fighting To Save People's Park in Berkeley, California

Berkeley appeals court temporarily halts further demolition of People’s Park

If you have taken to traveling or becoming a Traveler as either a lifestyle choice or as a means of countering being theoretically targeted in any one area, (and enjoyed the health and other benefits of this subculture such as enrichment, enlightenment, gaining invaluable knowledge or as a means of collecting intel or even discovering places you can retire in or move to if other areas become too....'difficult' or uninhabitable) you've probably discovered many interesting places. 

Becoming a Traveler in the USA means going to what used to be a well mapped out circuit of college areas especially those surrounded by colorful or creative subcultures both in residential and street scenes. 

If youve ever felt lost traveling California, and ended up in Berkeley (after realizing perhaps San Francisco is a bit too rough or for a younger crowd) then you've inevitably found yourself in Peoples Park. You meet people, you suddenly feel as if you have a home. People bring you to the resources you need and everyone is friendly and laid back. For a person from the east coast, parts of Cali can become extremely lonely frighteningly quickly. Its just one of the drawbacks of the land, though the benefits to a New Englander are life changing-seeing a place that isnt solid or sure or safe or structured in ways your used to and discovering that big risks equate big pay offs. 

In that park you feel as if youve been welcome and you have a home-at least for the time youre there. You can find time to find yourself, to rest up or just to regain trust in humanity. It feels like people care, which is one of the number one things houseless people of all ages need regardless of the kind of 'homeless' you are, your age or how long youve been out. 


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