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On gangstalking - Blogged


Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) operations USAF-A New Perspective and Perhaps a Speedier Recovery

Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) operations USAF

It may be wise to try to approach the theory of 'gang stalking' aka 'organized stalking' from differing angles. 

Instead of considering the idea of TIs (Targeted Individuals) we may look at the situation from a perspective of IPs (Isolated Persons) as in the SERE manual used by the US Air Force.

This manual may be very helpful to anyone considering the TI theory. Especially those finding themselves lost, having to travel or relocate, extreme changes in finances or separated from family, friends etc.

What I found most refreshing was the idea that our mission after being isolated per se would be to 'return home, with honor, in good mental and physical health'.

The GS theory leads people to understand their situation and survive (avoiding suicide, institutionalization or death) but it has always lacked any sort of reconnection to society, leaving the surviving Target to remain underground, a rebel, a fugitive or outlaw of sorts lifelong. 

Looking at it from this perspective can make the situation seem now more temporary in nature as well as giving the ti a feeling of the right to return back home and reestablish their lives and regain their lives back.

There is also a definite reference to the enemy. The ti theory as much as it's been patchwork together by amateurs never really approaches the idea of the enemy as in not giving comfort or aid to the enemy too many TI's using the gang stalking theory inadvertently most likely do just that because there is no training.

There have been studies done it have been mentioned a lot recently with the racial political environment about how racism towards so-called minorities makes them sick and causes lifelong health problems because they are permanently isolated and treated as second class citizens. Obviously the shadow system knows the effectiveness of this because in the gs theory this is what's used on targeted individuals lifelong and it does indeed cause lifelong illness and denies the person they're a constitutional rights as a US citizen and the right to exist.

Perhaps approaching the situation from a trained perspective where it is a temporary situation and there is an enemy or another instead of the vagueness of such an idea or concept from the TI and gang stalking perspective might make the transition from being targeted to finding a way out of the maze and adaptability to getting one's life resettled and reinventing oneself if that's necessary or regaining one's life back from before the onset of the situation a lot easier.

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