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Hitchiking On Vagablogging

Ok something that ISNT negative about my situation, experiences or the social constructs of the NWO:

Being a Target you will have to, of course, apply special limitations and cautions on your travel activities...just adapt them to your specific situation.

It has given me personally an understanding of how much money is flowing around out there daily and why its so much bullsh*t that I need be targeted and living in destitute poverty.

Seeing those big rigs haul all that product around the country in such large quantities and seeing so much land open and empty in places like the west and south west makes it clear just how much the situation in big cities as well as with TIs is nothing but enslavement by the powers that be.
This is why its so important to keep up a constant smear campaign as well as psychological warfare on the Target, so that society and they themselves believe they deserve this predicament; that its necessary when in fact there is more than enough money and space for everyone.

They dont want anyone to know that without such covert activities, Capitalism wouldnt work and perhaps empires could not exist.

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