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Why Is There No Ecological Footprint For Houseless People?

Sent to Ecological Footprint generator web page:
"Can you or someone you know please make an Ecological Foot Print for the homeless, the traveler, the train hopper, the transient? We care too you know.

Most often I and others like me cant take the test properly due to not actually having our own homes. We sleep outside and squat or we hit shelters if stuck in winter, depending on the traveler I guess.
Also we must have a very low number as we either piggy back on what others are already using (hitchhiking, train hopping, squatting, shelters, even dumpster diving, second hand stores or free donations for clothing, ground scores for other needed items)
I wud like to know what my calculated use is. It would be very nice to have something positive to throw at people when they question our life styles!
Rachael O."
Lets see if we can get one made just for us!

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