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2/21/11 Another History ReWrite

This used to be a fairly good reference website years ago for becoming an expat. I notice that they had alot of info that seemed genuine about other cultures and nations as if it were posted by real people who were genuine travelers.

At one point they had a piece posted that was genuinely critical of George W Bush administration- the whole problem that would make some one want to become an expat. That disappeared quick, I believe I caught it to post it as it was being hidden by a new webpage covering the old one, which I caught as cached I think before it went. As you can see the page is now nothing but a bs advertising board, and down the bottom in fine print it basically says that they cant be responsible for anything that is on thier sight from third parties anyway.

This re writing on the internet is a prime example of the constant re-writing that has gone on since this bs started during Bush. And trust me they are not only re writing history or doing away with anything that reminds us any of it really happened or any of it was actually real, but they have the ability to re write PEOPLE as well, which say, with me has been being done actively.

I am forgetting my story, I am forgetting that writing that story is my main agenda, my main purpose. That for days on end back to back I was suicidal due to what was done to me for YEARS on end and only the writing of this book, the idea that THIS was my main purpose to continue living, was what kept me alive.

So why now am I losing sight of my objective? Why am I falling deeper into complicity, into forgetting, drifting into not taking the past seriously or any of this seriously? Of being diverted in my main objectives?

Why does it also seem that a system of handling me has been perfected, everything from squelching upsetting emotions so that I am motivated to forget and move on to more pleasant things with the time I have left to live my life to feeling that no matter what choices I make- whether to stay here or travel again, there will be a network to handle me, to not only keep me safe but keep me hypnotized into moving farther and farther away from who I really am, and recapturing who I was supposed to be.

I cannot believe that I have become so complacent. But its not the TI's fault. If you watch Nick Begich's vids you will find him stating that there are MORE towers or tech in place now than compared to when Bush came into office.

I have thought of this before but of course instead of being able to write it, it 'slipped' my mind as usual.

Nick was saying what sounds like there is more tech present now making it harder fight, the 'agenda' via mass and targeted individual mind control.

This may also be why during Bush there was so much heavy organized stalking and harassment. This would fit in with my experience and theory of number on rule of thumb being anywhere that lacks saturation with tech controls, will inevitably have heavy organized stalking and harassment in person and visa versa. In fact, thats not a theory at this point its a tested fact of being targeted. What I just proposed is merely a theory- that perhaps now, its even harder than during Bush to 'fight' if you will due to the fact that more tech exists to control the populus. This may be why you find yourself yearning for the days of Bush. At least you could fight something you could see, and fight on overt oppressor.

There is something much worse, much more terrifying about floating off into oblivion, into some character daily shaped by hypnosis induced by tech, coerced into being one of the living dead on earth- than fighting an obvious tyranically dictator openly.

I now see that to hate such a person is a gift from the gods compared to the 'peace' brought to us by the Obama era. Hell was not the descent into it, hell is realizing you are finally there, and worst of all, no one is admitting its Hell. That, in itself, is the Hell.

When I was a little kid, there were these horrible 70's movies, all very satanic in nature but no one saw it, coming out of Hollywood. All very based on the same idea as Hotel California, which of course gives on the same feelings and sensations- its the same fantasy.

And so here we are: "We are programmed to receive/You can check out any time you like/But you can never leave"

There were many such movies like this. One starred the actress who played Mary Tyler Moores next door neighbor, the one with the daughter. She was on some island with other people and in the end they realized that they had died and this was Hell. Just existing on this island in that state, never able to escape.

To be sure I miss the firey tortures of the Bush era, and still being able to strike out at the overlords, still seeing non TI's protest their administration and retaining some sight of the world that one was being dragged from into the pit.

As now we exist soley in the pit, in Hell but we are told this is not the case. But what could be more destructive to human beings than NOT living? Which is what we have been reduced to.

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