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On gangstalking - Blogged


There's Always a Party Somewhere Else

I have found that moving around the US has made it easier to be a Target. It takes away from all the betrayal that is so hurtful from those closest to us and..the memories. Of what happened, and what we could have been.
There IS always a frame in time in another location. You are just in an unfavorable location. This is the purpose of travel- to accomplish some task wether business or personal.

Your ancestors did it or you wouldnt be an American (respect to the Native I enjoy so much in the southwest.) right now. SO, conditions have become unfavorable its time to move.

Even health may improve by moving to differing locations depending on season. If I stayed in New England year round with my little financial resources and specific health issues I would be as sick as my mother is physically. The gang stalking system WANTS this for you which is why they try to intimidate you into staying inside...with me they think they are intimidating me into staying 'on the run' with the harassment. THis may have been true in the past but later one becomes so battle ready with this system that one can function among the enemy.

Its not the answer for everybody but it might offer an alternatie to the sadness, decay and bad memories that exist in the very place this system wishes to bury you, to convince you that you are dead, while all that betrayed you move on.
This is THIER version of reality and you must not allow it to exist.

YOU are the artist YOU are the writer and YOU have the free WILL to direct your life accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right, there is a certain freedom to be who you are, think independently, and the creativity flows,when relationships dissipate due to fear,or the willingness to participate. You are too intelligent for your imposed lifestyle. Please dont give up;Theres always hope things will improve. I pray for a miracle for you. Enjoy the site