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Is there no major city that is safe for us to go in the whole world where we can escape gentrification? And the fallout of the NWO?,1518,715167,00.html

It seems the grand plan is to behavior modify or remake citiies,countries, cultures and people...but we all know there is something very wrong with this plan. Something that just doesnt feel right. For those of us that know what is going on its the worst nightmare ever mainly becuz of all the smiling faces acting as if nothing is going on- which is worse than the most overt war zone or torture camp in history ever could be. Being asked to live in a lie while suffering is the worst kind of torture. Its like being asked to die but continue to act as if you are among the living.

The kind of corruption that goes on today is politely ignored. I believe many many people see it as necessary for the survival of mankind as well as some perfect world order. And there is a new technique to cover ups- corruption is simply denied and not leaked or exposed as it was years ago. Many authorities simply claim that corruption no longer exists, that they cleaned up thier acts from those old days of the 70's and prior or even the 90's. Which of course is all bullsh*t. The corruption that remains is marketed as needed to accomplish lofty goals for our future or there is a renewed sense of the elite taking back the old 'dont see what we do dont question us' attitude pre 1960's.

The persecution, and that is exactly what this is in many cases, of artists, free thinkers, travelers, transients and the like is an indication of a dictatorship of sorts. Get rid of the artists. Why cant they just leave people be? Give people privacy?

Its interesting that all of the crime and crack-driven filth culture that has sparked gentrification as well as Reagan letting out all the mentally ill onto the streets,is mainly responsible for destroying cities in the USA anyway, so that such measures as 'gentrification' are deemed necessary. I can imagine that the drug culture is used for profit by the very people who are supposed to do something about it and then its made a 'problem' over the years to destroy cities and make people afraid and disgusted with the homeless or transient (rightly so) so that a remake of cities is necessary.

I imagine that if cities did NOT degenerate into ghetto culture/crack havens with loads of totally insane homeless and with the total death of decency and civility then 'gentrification' wouldnt be as necessary. If we still had the good elements in such scenes as was in decades prior like artists, etc then they never could have pulled this off.

It seems like the only places that are free for creativity and not controlled are places where 'gentrification' means third world economies where entrepenuers have a free hand. So if you have money and some education in that dept then you can enjoy new frontiers.

For the rest of us forget it, we are being hunted and treated like a dying breed.


Anonymous said...

But having an education won't prevent one from being targeted. I imagine if I ever went back to school, though, I would be controlled and have all my colleagues, students, professors "in on the act". You'll be surprised -- I've seen highly esteemed professors doing the same stupid sh*t, i.e. going along with the harassment in the same manner as the street urchins looking for attention. That's what you get when you're targeted. Education level and class don't really matter. They can still make you feel like the same level of crap as, say, a disheveled person who lost everything and has to go on welfare or disability. In fact, I believe they are tormenting me with these ideations, because that seems to be their goal. People in on this get all happy when I tell them I'm in a job with no benefits.

Anonymous said...

"Education level and class don't really matter." By this I mean they are always doing the profiling thing, and adjusting various parameters to account for various things, such as how much you make, where you work, education level, etc. Even if you are rich, they simply make adjustments. It seems they can still pull it off even if one is wealthy, but they need to figure out what my capabilities are, and what channels of justice they are able to close off. That's why those induced ideations of you getting justice are all more torture, because they will make sure all those possible avenues leading to your legal battles with the system are closed off and swayed in THEIR favor. More torture.

judge fo yourself said...

Ain't that the goddamn truth..