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On gangstalking - Blogged


Targeted into homelessness and the campaign to 'end homelessness'
"Donna has previously been harassed by rangers as part of the 'clear out the hippies' campaign at Three Tree Lot and the other lots around Lighthouse Fields. Recently the City's Parks and Recreation Department had its 'No RVs' signs painted over by state Rangers, for apparently violating state law and policy regarding parking (i.e. RVS are allowed to park). "
Clear out the hippies? Why, are they terrorists? Are they breaking any laws? NO? So then the laws must be changed so that they are doing so then you can bust people you dont like, who wont conform in a now fascist, capitalist society and are most likely very wise about corruption in the US so they might as well be whistle blowers due to thier lifestyle basically saying just that.

The game is to covertly harass a targeted individual into homelessness which guarantees further harassment as a 'homeless' person.
One can clearly see that the whole game plan is now designed to force TI's into compliance with behavior modification programs and to ensure thier silence about human experimentation as well as torture.

I was targeted into homelessness. During the beginning of the campaign I was gas lighted and traumatized in order to attempt to label me. Due to help from covert factions unknown as well as people being very sloppy in thier attempted frame ups I navigated through this without an official label. Later on it was attempted for some time to force me to act out in some manner that would get me jail time or get me labeled or even death by cop. I resisted all of this as I knew full well that not every lone shooter is just crazy. Many of these people are targeted, bullied or harassed by authorities covertly until they act out.
At this stage it is hoped that I will realize the futility of fighting any further and my health is deteriorating as well as I am aging. The system now hopes I will trust in it and become housed. This of course is potentially a trap which will lead to further home break ins, harassment by neighbors, noise campaigns and other such 'bad luck'. Then of course perhaps the TI will give up now and take a label of mental illness just to get some peace if this is the only way that the person can be housed: by dealing with being harassed and taking meds for it. I have heard some TI's say that the second they gave in to a label, the harassment stopped without meds. It was their circumstances that changed. They submitted to the system's wishes for who they wanted this particular person to be in the great scheme of things. A scheme designed and managed by the system. I have also heard many targets claim that with meds and accepting a mental illness label- going to a shrink and lying by playing stupid about knowing its harassment or gang stalking, they still did not get relief from being targeted and of course meds DIDNT work becuz there is nothing wrong with the TI to begin with. A truly targeted individual will suffer PTSD and other symptoms of being tortured and through battles- from real circumstances not a damn disorder. The fact that psychiatry continues to pick and choose reality by the insistance of ignoring the fact there is a trauma model not just a disorder model is another part of the arrogance of the people involved in this system.
Most TI's are people who know too much along with being of little value. By that I mean that every TI is of little value relative to who the system is protecting. Even rich connected politicians have been targeted due to the people they upset having greater value than they, even if thier value is very high compared to the average citizen. Whoever the system is protecting is of greater value than the TI but it is only in comparison to who they are protecting not a normal gauging of human value in society.
That is why gang stalking seems to be so disconnected from our usual value systems. People from all walks of life are perps and also targets. All you need to know is WHATEVER OR WHOEVER THEY ARE PROTECTING IS MORE VALUABLE THAN YOU THE TARGETED INDIVIDUAL. Either that or you are more valuable in society as a Targeted Individual somehow, most likely human experimentation or something else for profit.

What do they want us to do? They target us into homelessness and then they insist on nowadays making homelessness a crime and houseless people are frequently harassed and unable to lead lives uninterrupted. Its more than conservativism or fascism that has brought about the harassment of houseless people and travelers. The only rationale for this campiagn by police and others is money. There must be something going on where money is at stake or can be made that they dont want uninterrupted or disturbed. And many homeless people are TI's and dont even realize they are targeted. Sure crack is a problem and stealing and crime but the legit system's refusal to allow functional homeless people any power, voice or freedom in the USA is very suspect. They insist on forcing us to live among criminals and the severely mentally ill in institutional settings that make acting on free Will impossible and discourage taking action or thinking for one's self.

This is a red flag that the legit system is up to something bigger. That its covering for most likely what we know as the covert system of managing things in society. There is no reason there are no gray areas for a houseless person like myself to have a peaceful existnece with society and for hte cops to be so gung ho about harassing travelers and the houseless is very questionable. If homelessness breeds crime etc then why is there not a system to manage the population better aside from institutional settings? The system insists that you become housed or have enough money to use campgrounds, usually at inconvenient places away from urban areas or resources. This ensures that houseless people with little resources go to shelters and when they discover how corrupt they are or abuse human and civil rights consistently, will prefer to sleep outdoors or in camps with people they feel they can trust. For the modern state to vilify living in a tribe or a group is absolutely the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of. It is the most logical and ancient of lifestyles for human beings to revert to especially under duress. Look at prison. People almost immediately set into a tribal situation set on race and then gang factions. Without women available this is more severe than it might be and more violent. This is text book typical human behavior.

So if the system knows this why are they so insistent on criminalizing what is normal, natural and for some people fighting oppression or trauma that threatens our lives and health its the healthiest choice for survival. And still they insist on 'ending chronic homelessness'. I have allergies as well as life long chemical sensitivity from that moldy apartment. Now I have allergic reactions from anaphylaxis induced by a sulfa drug Bactrim. I get symptoms of anaphylaxis almost daily if I eat the wrong food or in very poluuted areas like SD from something in the air. Trouble breathing, heaviness on the chest nad if its severe enough I do get some hives though its rare. And becuz I am targeted I get everyone looking guilty as hell at an allergists office who tries to convince me that its coincidence that I now have allergic reactions after anaphylaxis. Targeted individuals get constant harassment in some form or another and somethings that consists of purposeful negligence.
I dont even think I coiuld sleep inside if I wanted to. And do I want to risk losing a deposit or having to move aain due to harassment? Its too risky. TI's who sleep outside and keep moving may have the best system yet and the covert system knows it so the overt legit system makes up the bs like 'homelessness' is wrong, breeds crime and should be criminalized and ended by a certain year.
And with how insistent they are I bet they will win in the USA. The USA is consistently full of shit. They will 'end homelessness' much the same manner they ended child labor. By using 'out of sight out of mind'. The clothes you wear may be from a sweat shop using child labor. Do you care? No, becuz you just dont want to know. Since the USA is an isolated coountry that is more powerful than all its neighbors it needn't deal with anyone else like in Eurpoe perhaps. Not that Eurpoeans are not worse than Americans on some fronts like white slavery. In Cuba the young girls say Americans are kinder to them and less exploitative of their situations whereas European men come there just becuz they know they can exploit thier situations.

If every stubborn smart homeless person leaves the USA and others stay and are behavior modified into accepting conformity, housing and perhaps bowing out with psychiatry as an excuse for thier situations then yes, 'homelessness' will end. Due to the denial of the underlying problems causing homelessness as well as the denial of man to exist in his natural state for survival. You will also witness by this occurring, a part of one of our times greatest cover ups as many TI;s are homeless and are targeted whistle blowers, experimentees, survivors of mind control projects (no, seriously) and all sorts of abuse by the child welfare system, the police, organized crime etc. Many TI's are either experimentees for the perfecting of non lethal weapons or tech used in psy ops but now used domestically on citizens. All of this is also behind homelessness as well as true mental illness, drug abuse, alcholholism and yes just lazy people.

The shame of the life of a TI is that we must keep silent about our true predicament. And if you look at many of our lives we are anything but lazy. This may be the worst crime of all which is keeping many smart talented people down and silenced.

The attitude is that expendable people are an acceptable loss in business. That is why TI's with no resources become homeless and there is no other option for them other than to stay homeless. Unless of course they are willing to give up and take the lying excuse by feigning mental illness and taking on a label to try to gain some peace and normalcy to thie lives as well as most likely gain housing.

I'd rather sleep outside, move to another country while still fighting this one and all my betrayers and enemies within it left behind as well as never take on thier excuses or thier deals. I was told by an older friend of mine when this all started to become 24/7 that I had been given a "raw deal" and that to pick on me, a woman who basically has nothing is f*cked up, in faovor of "some drug dealer" (Jake my ex). The system handed me a 'raw deal'. That was thier choice. They made thier moves and everyone chose thier sides. If you think I am going to renig on that deal you are mistaken. I plan to play this hand for as long as I have to to win and if not I leave the table. There is no compromise and any compromise would losing.

This system has alot of stupidity, destroying someones life and then trying to harass them into some sort of submission where they are finally so drained that they accept that they will never succeed in life or that somehow the system was right or that the system won. Its the single most stupid set up I have ever heard of . How can you take action against someone and actually expect them to finally agree with what you say or what you offer?

If the USA wants to pull this bullsh*t on its people by slowly destroying the damn place, making a good life only accessible to criminals or the wealthy and then criminalizing reactionary behavior by humans that is perfecty natural then they have a fight on thier hands. It matter not that they have formulated this clever 1984ish dictorial style where eveyone is brainwashed and intimidated into accepting a total lack of decency or reason...and accepts that as the new form of being civil. Some of us simply will not accept being highway robbed then told to f*ck off basically and having all but one door slammed in our faces. Some people just refuse to re enter thier false created reality as broken citizens. I would rather live a stateless person for the rest of my life than a part of the USA as a broken person and a second class citizen when in fact I was prettier, smarter and more talented than many of my oppressors. I have no problem leaving the USA. The only 'terrorism' I will perform (and anyone who they are harassing is probably on some list somewhere for one of thier cute little attempts at a self fulfilling prophecy) will be to simply tell the truth about how f*cked up everything is here and that Europe may be perfectly justified in hating Americans. Pity I now cant get tattoos due to my allergic reactions. I would fare well in Europe with either an upside down flag on my arm or a red circle and line through the American flag, , like No Smoking signs. That would pretty much let everyone know where I stand with my original home land and why I left.

I know that Americans get harassed over there too. But how much worse can it be? At least they would have to stop using the puritanical bs they use over here to smear the TI.

Most likely they will force everyone to either leave the USA that is homeless or to become housed. That is the day that this country will truly die as any kind of promise of anything to do with freedom and human rights. When they end chronic homelessness. Just admit that there is a system in place that works to destroy people who are targeted so that people who matter more than they do can group together for mutual protection and profit. Just admit it , stop being stubborn and trying to deny it so we have to do stupid things like take on labels when we are not insane. If the system still refuses then I have nothing left to believe in here anyway and the whole place is a total lie set up only for certain people to have good lives. And anyone who accepts thier deals are stupid beyond belief, no deserving of one once of respect and they and the USA deserve each other.

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If we were a 300 million a year talk show host life in the usa would have a rosy outlook and attitutude. I beleave the police and fbi are involved in this but trying to prove it is something else. starkeep