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On gangstalking - Blogged


Places in SD dowtown to be free of some of the effects of gs

OK there a few places in San Diego where I have personally experienced relief from what seems to be non human forces harassment or what is commonly referred to as 'remote influence' or 'electronic harassment'. (Every TI understands what I am referring to and if you are not familiar with the term then please do research utilizing links on this blog as myself and other TI's have done much research to show the existence of these technologies, if not documented then one can deduce they are in existence and classified.)

I wrote this a few days ago:
If you are in SD area and on the street or heavily targeted and want to go someplace that is 'safe', try a place called Horizon on Fir and 6th up near Hillcrest north of downtown.
Yes its religious, but not in the traditional sense. As a TI however this is what you'll get:

How they pulled this off I don not know. Either they are doing it on purpose as a con, knowing that people are heavily targeted here and they knowingly shield this building somehow or they have no idea that the building is perhaps shielded by its design and feel safe there and/or base this on thier religious belief system.

San Diego I have discovered is one of the most dangerous places to be a Targeted Individual especially if you stay past the homeless tourist season in the winter. The system here is SO well put together you will not want to is one of the most damaging places I have ever been. Whatever is being used out in the environment as well as the social dynamics here will seems to have the power to drive an already traumatized individual into isolated mental illness.

You will get a time of relief here and thats all that matters. I mean relief like you havent had since before 2003 and if you are a TI for life, you only had moments or short times of such peace anyway before 2003.
I looked in the mirror and could see the damage from years of being targeted. But at least for once, in a long time, I recognized my own face..or at least saw who I was supposed to be or could have been.

And if you know anything about cults take in what this group is talking about and its interesting. SD in general is very interesting...considering you have the Navy, Scientology and the border right there.


Also hospitals which I posted also provide some relief.

Another place I discovered today is the San Diego Superior Court downtown. Again free of the insanity causing elements that are outside, tech (most likely) and the social dynamics.

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