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On gangstalking - Blogged


On becoming houseless or a traveller

The traveling community is an alternative to being a local 'homeless' person. Home bums are persons who stay in one location.
The classic 'hobo' has changed very much and is now more a part of the global traveling community which in the 90's with much credit to the internet has become more socially acceptable. Many travelers I encounter in the traveling community are young people thus the term 'traveling kids'. I have adapted. If you find homeless shelters intolerable then becoming a houseless traveler may be for you. It is a way to fight the innately corrupt 'system' that supports the gang stalking system by its very structure. A lot of people in this community know about oppression of this nature but its not talked about readily. Many highly educated people or from wealth are in this community. They have rejected the system becuz of being victimized or they see how corrupt it is or simply want to experience being a hobo as an interesting alternative lifestyle.
Rich kids often have it worse due to the fact thier families can keep severe abuse quiet. This creates the myth that the rich are better people and dont do these kinds of things..b*llshit. The worst example I have heard of is a kid who's dad was a doctor and would beat him so severely to break ribs-then treat his injuries himself to keep it quiet. That may tend to put one off to following in dad's footsteps as a doctor or even engaging in proper society at all.
You will be living on the road. It is lonely and you will always have to deal with gang stalking will always carry the terror with you of the original insult. However it can provide more opportunities for healing and safety from continued harassment.
You are going to have to learn to rough it and be as self sufficient as possible.

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Sixty and Homeless said...

You have an excellent grasp on the situation.

I as well know the 'hobo' lifestyle and many cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle have inexpensive hostels that make it easier to survive and keep ones sanity.

Sadly I am stuck in Boston where hostels are few and expensive.

The shelter situation in Boston is a farce. The Pine Street Inn is a huge scam, and don't even get me started about the Salvation Army and their slave labor programs.

I have a blog as well at

The recent saga of Ted Williams ( the man with the radio voice ) will only make things harder.

This mid level comic Chelsea Handler blogged this last night - wonderful

While there are certainly a few people who have a run of bad luck and fall on hard times, 'for the most part', people are homeless for a reason. You don't wake up one day and find yourself living under a freeway unless you've made some pretty bad decisions in your life. Just because someone has a nice voice doesn't mean that they should automatically be able to keep their s--t together.

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