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Whistle blowers often end up homeless

I have posted on ongangstalking about homelessness and whistleblowers.  It is the closest thing to 'homeless and targeted' that you are going to find with little trouble.

Alot of TI's end up homeless and that includes the ones that are just stalked and harassed outright.  The TI who is targeted in other ways is even more unfortunate.  This is a way of marginalizing a 'problem' and silencing a victim witness in alot of cases. 
If the system's goal is to get you labeled to dis credit you then here, in this subculture is where you will have your true sanity tested.
I have often looked at people I can tell are survivors of trauma and maybe even targeted...and vowed that I would never let this system make me end up that way. Its worked, but  the injustice is appaling.

You will have to turn away from many things..homeless children being the hardest to take. Get the system back later.

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George Truman said...

interesting, read what i wrote it may help in the over all view