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Las Vegas Officially Sucks In NWO

Its like Easy Rider out here...except the new enemies and haters are YUPpies and ghetto culture types (various races who have been cult brainwashed to accept glorified African American ghetto culture as a norm or standard for lower and working class Americans. The only place you find any relief from this is the nomadic underclass and the upper class areas.) Las Vegas has become infested with ghetto culture outside of the Strip. It.wasnt like this just ten years ago. It appears to be people moving in from areas where aggression towards Euro and 'white' Americans is the norm. The locals are nosy, disrespectful and overt about their territoriality and racism, especially racism that supports classism (only picking on white folk not white YUPpies). They basically are recreating their old environments in a new area-big surprise. Vegas has too much gang activity and org crime which means ethnic types working for CIA in reality. NV has alot of military so thats also a possible gs problem. Its not safe for TIs without alot of funds who need to take public transport or go to shit areas outside Strip or airport for food shopping. Vegas wins the award for the most Wiggers who are aggressive to other whites while those whites as well as the Wigger's ethnic companions are both minding their own business. Vegas has managed to create some.of the most pathetic, weak minded EuroAmericans in the USA. I cant explain this phenomena but its unique to Vegas. The Some homeless are cool..its not the underclass thats the problem here its the lower class. As usual the working class blue collar locals are often uppity or ignorant towards Travelers, such is the norm from Texas to SoCal. There are cheap hotels during off season to get rest but alot of e-harassment. .

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