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On gangstalking - Blogged


Austin's GS Program Has Become Severe-Off The Destination List

No more TX. Austin has become uptight with the Traveler scene. If  we are allowed to be here or not depends on what money making event they are having. Formula 1 racing is in town. 300,000 people. That seems to be their focus.

I also am having a hard time this time year becuz I have a clueless newbie with me. When I lose my patience with the kid due to alot of pressure and behave like a typical Bostonian or New Yorker the men here all get these attitudes. I find it feels like interference. Italians dont like interference...btw.

Either its gang stalking, smear/cover story or these idiots actually are so dense and in love with America and Christianity they have no idea the pressure I am under trying to write a book people in power dont want written as well as travel being targeted consistently AS WELL AS having a clueless newbie with me who obstinately disregards what I teach him often in the interest of being a lazy hippie, not realizing just yet that this may get him hurt or killed.

I assume this is how they subjegate their women down here.

Firstly go f*ck yourselves with that backwards sexist bullshit. Nobody from the northeast can afford to take their sweet damn time thru life like u can down here-its be aggressive or die where I am from.

Secondly, mind your own business. Unless of course its more gang stalking whereas then I can assume you've either got scumbags getting paid to do this shit or you've convinced a bunch of good solid American citizens to Cause Stalk someone becuz they are too stupid, brainwashed and lazy to fix themselves or the system so they focus on an individual.

All of their actions are disregarded anyway. Becuz in order to get in my way you are either

-stupid and easily manipulated

-projecting and displacing ...and probably  power tripping

-a crooked piece of shit workin for crooked authorities who cover your ass from jail time, exposure etc

-getting paid becuz you're a greedy, souless piece of shit who probably wants to be gangsta but doesnt have the balls to do it for real or you simply want money that badly and are ineffectual at getting real dirty money from criminal activity (in the northeast, this is also known as being a total jerkoff, which all gang stalkers have proven themselves to be in my years of experience.)

Yeah, the gang stalking program here is pretty nasty espcially near the college and downtown. Its insufferable compared to my last visit. Austin is now totally off the list for me as a Traveler and TI.

I am sure this registers in their minds as successding in being stellar Americans.

Which is one of the main reasons I am leaving the USA as soon as possible.

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