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Race and PC Used To Promote A Sexist Agenda

Women's drop ins are being controlled through race games here.

If a mostly black female demographic gets services somewhere and they react well to black males running what is supposed to be an all female drop in, then the female focus is overidden by the black focus.

This is how feminism was kept in check. Though being forced to include males due to their race.

And the reward we got of course is bitch, ho, and glorified human trafficking and sex slavery via gangsta rap and culture.

Any poor white women who are hearty and strong enough to see the male arrogance present in some males who run drop ins for homeless females are going to be outnumbered and ignored. This is how it works in Liberal areas like Cambridge.

Its so obviously a covert campaign of sexist oppression present nowadays due to the prezence of the neocons and a military obsessed culture.

They just find sneaky, cunning ways to implement such things.

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