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Mind Control Nationwide No Relief Anywhere

Ever since 2003 this entire situation has been a nightmare. Mass mind control still is in effect. For those of us heavily targeted its even more hellish- becuz often we know whats happening but cant stop it.

The phase they are in now is to get all people like myself who were nearly killed during Bush or attempted to be driven to suicide to go on with our lives and forget about what happened.

Its no coincidence that there are still lots of experiments concerning PTSD like erasing memories with new drugs now. I recall that one very suspect incident is when my psychiatrist turned on me she wrote a referral that was bogus and she sent it to me, it specifically stated I had PTSD which her and I discussed but she always stalemated or skirted around the issue.

I think having PTSD on paper is criteria for being an experimentee. She also made me look like a threat on paper by framing me up with
PTSD, paranoid ideations and other things that were not focused on in our sessions or with therapists like lack of motivation etc. If I were lacking motivation how could I have done research while involved with a psycho like Scott Ashmanski, deal with him AND a moldy apartment AND being stalked and harassed which was really bad then with home entries and cars driving past the house beeping twice constantly as well as the Nextel cell repeaters on top of the roof causing major symptoms from tech..AND get medical evidence from doctors AND finagle it so the state environmental health dept forced Barbra Pettiti to finally test the apartment?? HOW IS THAT LACK OF MOTIVATION??

See they know that by now I am very strong and I can take all this evidence and if not sue past the three years of statute of limitations I can show an ongoing conspiracy to silence me.

Something DOES keep telling me to get a lawyer yet something else pulling me at the same time emotionally and mentally is preventing me from doing so, causing yet ANOTHER living hell from being targeted and manipulated by this system.

The nation is so controlled now and like Ive said before if what was done during Bush doesnt get dealt with this nation will continue to live under mind control becuz they dont realize they have fallen under it.
If this sounds like delusion, paranoia or conspiracy just watch the vid MINDWAR on Youtube. I didnt come up with conceptualizing mass mind control- the military did and specifically Satanists like Aquino with other people who not only want to use these methods of control in wartime but want to change the entire western culture with it.

Never before have I cared what anyone thinks. I was completely self contained in my Will and belief in myself. Now however I am finding that I am not only suffering ill health that is serious but I am always very tired, feeling very old for my age (MY natural age not a normal person's) and the mind control lately consists of a CONSTANT non stop barrage of content consisting of getting me to feel aged, unhealthy, sick, weak, done, over with, has-been. Also caring very very much what other people will think of my work. Its IN THE INTERFACE which it never was before.

The only choice I have is to finally get legal assistance which I am prompted to do by many sources as I travel physically around certain areas in my day. Certain stores and businesses seem to have systems in thier stores where I am bombarded by ideations or suggestion to get legal assistance. Like constantly. But then I am also hit afterwards with the ideas that its useless to do so, no one will believe me, I cant trust a lawyer, where will I find the right one etc etc.

Obviously this is psychological manipulation to get me to NOT seek legal assistance. Also they must know that they have manipualted me and the situation to make me compute that I am stuck in a conundrum where I can NOT release information without destroying the last of my internal programming that makes up WHO I am and was/is my inner world.

Imagine if confessing information resulted in your self destruction? The destruction of what little territory you had left after years of someone or forces destroying that piece by piece. Its like giving up and agreeing to the terms of an invading aggressor to keep just one eighth of what land was once yours just to be able to have SOME part of what was once your own.

They have equated me telling my story and taking legal action with death, as usual guilty people dont want you telling on them or they will 'kill you'. Its so typical.

If no one is going to believe me then why cant I just write my story???

Also, I notice that the interfacing is more subtle. Its harder to tell your being hit and then brainwashed. Its getting to the point where living with this system is becoming normalized. Like a wound where some mechanism was inserted is healing over and the body and systems are accepting the foreign object and what it does to you, and learning to work with it.

That in itself is unnacceptable.
The problem with all this is that if I do get legal help and reveal everything its the completion of forced deprogramming. Not allowing the artist to have any mystique or any privacy or secrecy takes from them any power they have. Its definetely about dumbing me down. Which it didnt seem like it was before.

Still I am being convinced to not leave the USA. WHY? If I am going to be targeted wherever I go anyway? Why cant I make a complaint to Switzerland or some foriegn power who acknowledges war crimes? If no one is going to believe me or care why is this so important to block? I keep getting this idea that people want to spare me being disappointed when no one cares if I try to take legal action or contact foriegn powers about war crimes. If I AM NOT EXPECTING there to be any great change in my situation or if I am prepared for that WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO PREVENT ME FROM TAKING SUCH ACTIONS???

Conversely I keep getting told lately that I will be famous soon if only I stay on the right track. Note giving the Target totally opposing ideas and promising unrealistically negative and positive outcomes?
It makes one take NO ACTION AT ALL.

And thats what they want.

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