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There is something seriously wrong with downtown SD..and why Chila Vista is lovely/race issues and PC in campaigns

Down at the border at San Y Sadro you can get goods cheap or 'duty free'. There is a huge Goodwill store down the road. If you dont know the area or are a woman alone I wouldnt stay here past dark at least I dont.
As usual anyplace with a largely Mex population, especailly family Mexicans is a relief for me from being targeted or harassed. Down near the border or in Chila Vista its the same as it was in Segundo Barrio in El Paso. It seems that when this ethnic group is left in peace from 'Anglos' they dont feel threatened. I assume thats what it is becuz the more north one goes like into ABQ New Mexico the Mexican people turn into jerks. Phoenix is just horrible. Its like two different ethnic groups.

Chila Vista is just outside San Diego and if I could stay I would live here. My boyfriend is very blonde and doesnt want to live here as he claims he doesnt know the area. What do you need to know? The people are nice, they actually chit chat in stores with you and everyone minds their own business especially near the border. I have seen people watching who is doing what close to the border like San Y Sedro but that might be anything from undercover authorities to gangs or whatever, either keeping an eye on vulnerable tourists or trying to bust people doing illegal sh*t or terrorism or the like.
Only in these heavily Mex areas will anyone stop and ask me if I am alright or need help and they seem sincere..ok it could be guys trying to meet girls but its comforting anyway. Its not rude or intrusive.
Chila Vista has a stop or two on the trolley where hotels are not dirt cheap but cheap enough. At the Travelodge I got a living room and kitchenette and seperate bedroom and bathtub for 50 bucks. You could open the windows (unlike Motel 6 where I have actually slept on the floor near the door to get air due to my allergies to thier bedding and carpets. If you have allergies you NEED ventalation.) and they had pins in the frame so the window could be opened just a bit. The bedroom faced the back so I got good sleep. Why cant all hotel rooms be like that? Bad hotel rooms should be illegal bigtime. I dont mean dive motels where you get what you pay for and might jsut want that- like The Flamingo in Port Huron MI. A true dive with no phone, cable and a tv with rabbit ears with hardly any channels- except Canadian ones so its not so bad. But paying 60 bucks or so for a shitty Motel 6 or the like is outrageous and should be banned. The carpets stink and even the bedding due to the chemicals they use to clean or are made out of and usually there is no tub. There should be more dive motels, decent mid line ones like the one I was in last night and then luxury ones. But this scam of marketing crap off as mid priced is
ridiculous. I was very grateful there was a few alternatives to Motel 6. Its the E street stop.

There are motels down at the border but I know nothing of them and if yer alone it may be dangerous I am not sure.
Everyone has a different story of going over the border. Young white males who are military or money making civilians say that the police extort money out of them as par the course and the military men claim that the govt will interfere and get them out of there if they are in trouble, but not before the locals can get whatever they can out of them. But older men many of whom are in the homeless or transient population claim that they never encounter harassment and are left alone even watched out for by locals or police. They tend to go down to TJ to live off and on. A few women I met live there with thier boyfriends and said it was very cheap. I believe its a good idea to speak Spanish in general. I have noticed that even knowing a few words like bathroom or laundry and such gets you on a whole other level of respect or well recieved with Mex people. Being from the northeast I dont have a hardline anti immigration stance so dont mind learning the language. I know it was thier land first and they are technically descended from Native Americans. I do disagree with letting illegals stay and have drivers licenses or be on any public assistance. Americans have a history of putting them in awful work camps and exploiting them. Its just a battle I am not interested in due to it not having a logical answer. If its thier land..but yet now there is a nation established here..but that nation is actually null and void due to it being stolen as well as guilty of genocide..yet the nation is valid due to its people agreeing on the perception that it is valid. It just goes around and around in my head and there is no answer, most likely due to being asked to validate what is technically a lie or an untruth. It really bothers me and to then tell them they cant come onto the land...its just too much absolute b*llshit. And I am a natural born what the f*ck does that mean for me?
Here is a little secret..many 'Anglos' as Latins refer to us, actually define themselves by their European heritage at least in the North East. In places like the south they define themselves by race or moreso by region. The midwest just thinks of themselves as Americans and Cali is full of the most annoying element of 'Anglo' culture I have ever seen. CA is full of truly 'white' people with no idea who thier ancestors are..I assume its not PC to define yourself by race...uh so what is 'diversity' then? Oh, if you are black or Latino then you can define yourself by race. Its such bullsh*t. The whites out here are very bland due to lack of culture and there is a constant racial cold war due to blacks and some Latins believing that all whites, everywhere, are that stupid, weak, lacking in ethnic solidarity or dull.

I have always been mostly well recived by Spanish or 'Latino' peoples. Other whites I have spoke too feel uncomfortable. This may be that due to my dark hair and eyes I blend in. Native American areas are easier for me as well. Its obvious I am not Native to the Natives however.

So you have to tailor your travels to what works for you. If you find certain populations or ethnic areas offer relief then start to incorporate that into your travel plans.
You are going to have to be honest with yourself and about race, ethnicity or religion. In these times when PC has become part of the fabric of society you need to keep in mind that 'society' has not dealt with YOU the TI very fairly or that much of 'society' is not aware that you are being hunted and tortured like an animal. If such a PC society were to confront organized stalking and harassment it would have to look at the gross civil rights and human rights violations involved, much less it not being very PC to torture someone into silence and suicide. So thier rules dont apply to you are at war, every damn day not a member of a civilized democratic society. You have been treated differently so you must respond differently. And treat them with little respect for thier social cues and ettiquette due to them being invalidated by you being mistreated so.
However it is wise to learn all the social cues and ways of a society so that you may function superficially on a daily basis. But when it comes to the war going on, you need to throw all that bs out the window and get down to how things really work in this world not the rose colored glasses that have been thrust upon the USA nowadays, mostly to intimidate citizens into a police state where anyone who does not believe as they are told to believe is either a terrorist or mentally ill and in need of medication.

Find out where your strengths are, who likes you and who hates your guts- as a target and as a citizen. Use whatever you can to your advantage and reward protectors whenever you can..punish and crucify your detractors or people holding you back as much as possible.

It is perhaps a cultural difference that allows me to be protected or undisturbed among Mexicans in family neighborhoods, between WASP white Americans and Spanish/Native descended Catholics. Perhaps the machismo of this culture frowns upon mistreating a woman so as opposed to American mens obsession with backing up John Wayne by any means possible. Also I notice that Mex woman have my same build, nice hair and skin like European women and this look in the USA white populations is seen as a threat to manhood, to other women and is defined as a 'bimbo' or a whore. Mex people seem much more comfortable with sexuality especially female, and with the idea of beauty or art in daily life.

Americans are so obsessed with business, science and industry that female prowess, nature or art is percieved as a threat to these prized things. American men are desperate to hold onto the idea that men run the world soley and its a joke that they want to 'free' Arab women so they can not where veils and show thier know why? So American culture can then simply subjegate them by having them wear tight jeans and show too much of everything. As far as I am concerned nowadays American society is just as sexist as any of the Arab cultures. Its just pulled off diffferently. But both are totaly bullsh*t as far as women having any kind of true freedom.
Do you realize how much organized sexism is involved in the campaign against me? Do you realize how many feminist activists and writers have been harassed since Bush? I am even suspect about Anna Nicole Smith all the way over to the assasination of that female leader of Pakistan I believe it was. There is a very vague but present sense of an organized anti female power movement since maybe Clinton or after. Its obvious they would rather die than have Hillary as president or any other woman for that matter. And its been done VERY covertly. Some perps actuallly have told me that the reason there are so many men on the street is due to the cultural and sexual revolution leading up to the 90's and women 'having too much freedom'.

I cannot believe this sh*t and I dont blame you if you dont either. Due to my gang stalking having a strong connection to white slavery, mc slavery and the sex industry I have come across many very insecure, sexist and and controlling males who, when in the context of these businesses of course would have to be such to exploit women or children so. But to get hints here and there that its connected to something greater that is social and political is very disturbing...VERY.

There are days in the USA when I have wished I could put on what Arab women where...I want a damn veil. For privacy and to just not be bothered by men for one damn day. When you get out of your 20's, being at war with men using high heels and make up-as-warpaint becomes something you put up on the shelf from your youth- like a soldier puts up his sword and starts to think about elder statemanship.

One of the things that is so obvious about the campaign targeting me is the effort put forth to stunt my growth as a powerful person in society especially being a female. Its obvious that I am being downgraded to either has been, used to be, caretaker mother hen, nurse/nun or wife. I also have a choice to stay in the sexual war games by being coerced into the sex industry but as someone with no power or Will of thier own. Its painfully obvious that this system does not want me to grow up, especially naturally according to my DNA, upbringing and life experience. Having seen men as their weakest in my 20's as well as being raised by large, strong females I rarely saw male oppression and if I did encournter it, such as the
male abuse of power other women in my family experienced, I instinctively did whtever I had to to counter that or beat it preventing it from having any effect on me or internalizing it as inner limitations or a psychological prison.

There is a definate feeling that the USA wants me to be either tamed or down to their level. Its really the most pathetic part of the campaign..condidering that women who are programmed and not sacrificed or destroyed are usually of superior intelligence, creative talent, physical strength and beauty.
The part of the general public that puts forth thier agenda and latches it onto what is really the business activities of hardcore white slavery trade such as mind control slaves or sex slavery are probably the most annoying one will encounter. They either dont know that is who they are really serving with thier actions against you or dont care due to them having thier culture and lifestyle- their existence validated by YOUR destruction.

The excuse that a female TI has to be behavior modified for her own good or to have a good life or to learn responsibility or to respect authority is absolute bs and serves only to cover for the activities of the worst kind of slave trades and illegal activities. Its victim witness intimidation end of story and for it to be validated as GOOD for legit or superficial society or 'the American way' is ridiculous but sadly fairly normal for the hypocrites that make up any society of civilized human beings. They accept that the dirty businesses feed thier businesses and economy and the only way to validate that decision to tolerate such things is to blame the victims. They hope that shaming and coercing the victims will keep them quiet all around every time.

Think again if you think at all.

You are going to have to seriously think of ways out of a culture that covertly validates criminals activity whilst actively preaching against it. If you ever grow up and start to see this as not only distasteful but a waste of mental energy you will be seen as a threat. Other cultures can be very valuable as even though America wants the world to percieve it as the all powerful leader of the world it is in fact only in America this is the case. Other countries have thier own cultures and systems some of them ancient. The system of gang stalking when it is targeted towards poor uneducated people, often wants to exert such strong authority on such citizens as they will be tortured or brain washed into truly believing that there is no way out,no alternatives and the whole world knows about mind control, sex slavery or denying someone thier right to exist is acceptable.

My mother is a prime example of someone who seeks security over venturing out to find other answers. Due to this the system has had her in thier service at various times with and without her knowledge. Julie is another example and so is Jake. These people from my past are all cowards, with perhaps Julia being the smartest to see through the political bs of the system and staying with it due to her greed. But I have seen her coerced and kept track of more than once. Once you are part of this system and its various operatios and industries you can never get out of it, even if you were born into it due to no fault of yer own. You will have to fight tooth and nail to be free, everyone else involved will abondon you and return to the hand that feeds. Many of them are so dependant, so conditioned or intimidated over many years since childhood that they many times simply do NOT have the inner fortitude to rebel against such a megalith of power. Especailly since much of it is totally covert and unknown to the public.
In the eyes of criminals if you dont go along or go up against the system you are a defector and are going to be destroyed or punished.
To authorities you are useful animals to be exploited while they manage crime and are beneath every other citizen.
To 'normal' people you are totally seperate from them, like slaves are often percieved historically.

I often here TI's speak about moving to another country and still being harassed. Then again there are those that claimed this is all they needed to do to stop it. I am fairly suspect of moving out of the USA due to foriegners being used in my campaign here in the USA many times. But it was rather sparse in occurance. My father moved abroad and now I fully understand why. Doesnt pay to come from a crime family and on top of that start blabbing about a secret experimental project involving the company and the military. For years I really thought he was just nuts..but it always occurred to me how mysterious the circumstances were and how odd his family acted about his condition. How stupid is anyone to NOT put that together with my mother finally figuring out the importance of her being a documented survivor of human radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra. Well duuuhh.

Its all so damn simple and the system covers its ass by making it appear so insane and complicated. That everyone's claims are just insanity or conspiracy theory.
Such are weaving webs of deception I suppose.

Speaking of ethnic groups, blacks are not really great for me to be around. I seem to make a friend or two that I like more than most whites and the rest of the community sucks bigtime. Blacks have contributed to much of my oppression. They also insist frequently that I am lying in this blog and that I am 'just a junkie'. This is either due to thier frequently knowing damn well about The Man's corruption and playing house slaves by fully covertly supporting it (see ACORN vid telling people how to cover up for a underage prostitution ring) or they are still so naive and uneducated about the world outside of thier culture of folklore and myth that they really dont understand that all of this can be documented and is part of a huge mess made all the way back in the 50's, and as far as mind control slavery via druggings and hypnosis- ancient times.
This is why I often disregard anything they put down unless they understand the set up, the battle field or what is really going on. Not all blacks are going to be the radical kind who are hip to oppression..THOSE would probably be useful allies.
This is why political correctness has NO place in surviving a gang stalking campaign.

However be aware that any racial difficulties you have personally as well as were created by abuse from certain groups during a gang stalking campaign are going to be worked on by the system to get you to act out and be viewed as the worlds biggest racist *sshole and even internalized to start believing it- resulting in crazy sh*t like becoming a white supremeists or Nazi etc. I've thought about it believe me. But I know that this is a normal reaction as a fighting type of person to preserve my integrity and survive and its soley due to actions against me that are not acknowledged by society and certianly NOT the norm.

If you are a target with my similar profile stay away from downtown SD especially after winter is over. I wish now I had never gone there or at least that I didnt stay past winter.

There are multiple black men there who suffer from the unfortunate fact within thier culture that black women want nothing to do with a black man that has nothing going on for himself. This was mentioned by a black man as he noted I stayed with my boyfriend how had nowhere for me to sleep and was broke ass himself. This theory would explain why there are so many black men in many cities with no women who seem broken down by life and with no support. I cant solve this problem nor can I even address it as I have my own ass to save. I do acknowledge it however. I must be diffucult moreso to be a black man in this society. I hate to admit it but women might just be supportive of each other moreso regardless of color due to us having to survive male dominance.

This demographic is going to present the greatest problem for you as a female especially a money poor caucasian. In other regions of the USA this demographic is conditioned by social structure to not bother with you or even be aware of your prowess. In San Diego I have experienced a bizarre kind of silent racism where incorporated into CA snobbery is the southern intimidation or laying down of voodoo so top speak. They will actually all believe that big healthy white women all go over to black men as par the course of being on the street. These are not who take into account your ethnic backround such as Italian or Irish like Boston Irish. Its as if they have no concept of or experience with these cultures at all. You are to them 'white' and probably 'white trash' which means you are living on the street to party or make money anyway. You will meet some very gentle and nice black men and I have encountered many many nice black women here. These will be refreshing to a northeastern person as the bitter nastiness of NY or Boston is just not there. The black communities in Boston are as far as I am concerned actively at WAR with other cultures and ethnic groups still and this is not going to change.
Its not so much the case in SD, it just seems that they only see rich or YUPPie types of whites here so they probably think anyone white who is out of luck is fair game.

There has been some strange remote influence experienced once or twice in this area, and I could swear it was actual attempted conditioning concerning race acceptance or an agenda of PC concerning race. I wont get into it but it DID occur and I have been at this long enough to tell the difference between what occurs naturally in my own mind and what is an outside influence. I of course bucked it so hard that it stopped.
Damn straight.

No one is going to brainwash me into 'peace' becuz that is not true peace or understanding between peoples but oppressive dictorial power being put upon one by the state or some other faction. Dont let em do it to ya.

If you are stupid or weak enough to start to give in to guilt about anything like expressing similar views or even thinking along these lines REMEMBER that there are many many African American targeted individuals who are experiencing, to thier dismay black on black crime as well as being messed with, kept down and fed the same bs until they to hopefully give into the system as it seems is the goal for every target.
All that mattters is other TI's, people who know that will assist you and reaching an ignorant- willfully and otherwise, public concerning the human and civil rights violations in any gang stalking campaign.

NO ONE should have to work THIS hard at living thier lives daily especially in the USA.

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