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Non Toxic Lice Treatment- interesting results concerning enviromental influences

I dont know exactly what I meant by "environmental influences" but it was the best description I have due to me not knowing exactly how the effect comes into being.

I recently posted that for the first time homeless I had gotten a case of true lice. Probably due to my moving around frequently as well as herbs and using anti critter regimen with clothes and hygiene I had beaten this thus far. Due to my staying in SD, sleeping outside in a big city as well as not being able to use any herbs or wash my body/clothes once a month in perethremin 1% it became a problem. I was always proud that I beat this as well as some very sketchy skin issues. Those strange ones that the doctors here tell patients to take baths in baking soda for life as treatment when in fact its parasitic and in middle eastern cultures treatment is very simple. I think I came up with charcoal or sulphur.. something like that. Its been so long since I did that research. Perethrimin cures or prevents scabies, lice, fleas and I believe bed bugs. You have to use caution as it is made from ragweed. Before the Bactrim incident I used to water down a bottle of the generic gel sold at CVS and use it for body wash and in laundry. Really water it down before using it. And use only very little in prewash then soap..dont add bleach or h2o2 if you use this. I kept healthy just on perithremin, h2o2 and bleach. Allergic or sensitive just use body wash instead of laundry soap and use tiny amounts of these chemicals once a month or so and never together. Americans use much more of cleaning agents than needs to be used to get the effect. They seem to believe that if you are being poisoned by it then its working. Its crazy and they dont even realize it..until one becomes chemical sensitive. THEN it actually registers how strong these chemicals are. Dont be careless with them just use them as complimentary to your natural immune system, exercise and a good diet. Everyone's body is different and I never did well with too many cleaning agents. I would always instinctively do something to filth up my body or environment like take drugs or live like a slob when all I really needed was to use cleaning agents sparingly as medicinal to my environment and be very active traveling spending much time outside. However, the 90's approach of organic everything and no cleaning agents at all was harmful I think. Its not our great grandmother's ways as we would like to think 'back to nature'. Our great grand parents used many herbal remedies that actually worked and as I have read most likely had a anti parasite regimen as part of either diet or herbs in addition to diet.
The obsession to be clean in the USA makes me wonder often exactly WHAT we are running from. It seems the answer is our primitive selves.

If you cannot use chemical shampoos or even the alternative herbal formulas in health food stores then this may work for you:
This method was originated by a dermatologist from CA.
Experts argue that his experiment had no controls and was not done properly to prove his theory. However, its harmless enough to those of us with severe allergic reactions or sensitivities to chemicals to give it a try anyway.

Tea tree oil is very strong and I tried a bit of it in shampoo and had a reaction. If you are just chemically sensitive a very bit will not be too bad but if you are in an allergic state like I am now since anaphylaxis DONT try it. I am sometimes like the foolhardy scientist in movies that arrogantly tries his own formulas on himself, believing I know what I am doing so make the perfect guinea pig. Its just stupid really.
The lice dont like tea tree oil shampoos I guess. I know it worked wonders years ago for managing further mold exposure around places like Boston where its in many buildings that are not up to code. Payoffs you know..or 'favors'. (Like Sancta Maria women's shelter for instance. Just an old moldy run down house run by some older ladies. One of which gladly went through my files I was working on to sue Olnick/Hampton Management/Warren Hall Trust back in the day. This must be the 'favors' done to keep up a building that is way beyond code. Got your number ladies. And the act like they are some exclusive little shelter that only good girls from Pine Street can go to if they are on thier best behavior. Bite me Boston,Pine Street and Sancta Maria. I got nothing but more mold sick there.) Using a bit of tea tree oil in my body wash seemed to actually help brain fog and other affects from mold exposure. But now due to allergy state I stay away from using it.

The main point of this post is to record some strange results from using this method to suffocate the lice in the hair. Cetyphil is a very gentle liquid soap. Essentially you are suffocating the lice and eggs as well as making it easier to remove the eggs with the small comb. I works but you have to wash clothes in hot water and a bit of bleach then a hot dryer. Perhaps this worked for me as I own little and no furniture or a domicile that is a permanent structure.

I noted that when the Cetaphil was in my hair before blow drying it and after combing it through my hair to get the excess out, I reaped some mental and emotional benefits (!). Uhhh? WTF? It IS very strange. I seemed to become much more positive in my thoughts. My memory became very clear and I stopped being so 'jammed'. I could easily recall what I was supposed to be doing that day instead of fumbling and struggling with a list that was hard to write out due to memory loss or 'jamming'.
What could be the cause of this change? And it happened both times I used the soap in this manner. I felt as good as I did back in 2003 before this mess began. I felt like a kid again. Positive and healthy.
I suppose its a theory that its something in the air? like pollution has gotten so bad we dont see it so we dont perceive it and its so bad now that it affects our mental states.
It could also be that this 'pollution' is not just a product of industry that its on purpose, put into the air to influence the masses. Might sell alot of Big Pharma if everyone is depressed, ADD, ADHD or other. Silences people who system has driven into bad areas as part of harassment of targeted persons.
Third theory is that it could have some effect against whatever is used that is tech possibly. How this would work is beyond me as I understand very minimally how the tech works to begin with. Akin to a helmet or protective? But its just soap its not magnetic.
Really it felt more chemical in the mood alteration than anything else. It was very odd and very interesting. It made me want to walk around every day with Cetaphyl on my hair.

The effect goes away soon after. Hell it cant hurt.

Stay away from Cetaphyl lotions as they contain almond oils. The soap was harmless.

Keep in mind also that I am writing this and anyone can read it.
People used to be able to get high off of aspirin and Coca Cola also, or hack into computer sites using a whistle from Captain Crunch cereal. The system ensures all novel ideas and inventiveness - like good things they are- come to an end. Be always aware of this.

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david said...

ive read all of your post,and thank you so much for the wonderful information youve just given the whole internet. i am gonna try all of this once i get home(at work). my kids have head lice and i have trouble getting rid of them, anyway thanks again