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Ideas for homeless and nomadic to integrate into our society

I personally am tired of being surrounded by the worlds greatest f*ck ups ever time I enter a major city and realize the shelters are corrupt or as a Targeted Individual, full of people on the take or who need housing THAT badly they will do anything to any one to get it, and get it faster than anyone else on any list by helping the dirty tricks dept.

Then you cant handle being treated like a mental patient, a child or a prisoner so you try urban camping and find that its either the mentally ill or the drug addicts anyway. There are many urban campers however that I can tell are also TI's. Many people simply had a break with thier lives in mainstream society and found being outside or nomadic suited them better.

The problem is that there are camping grounds but they are either hard to get to or they are expensive. In CA right now you need a reservation. And cleverly they have made sure that there is a no tents only anywhere near San Diego downtown. This may be due to the largely mentally ill or meth head homeless population but its also prob due to illegals from Mexico.

What I wish this country would do is start by legitimizing the nomadic lifestyle as well as urban and rural 'homelessness'. Then perhaps give people some sort of ID or priveledge cards when they can show they are responsible squatters who clean up after themselves and dont cause trouble or steal. Fights or arguments are going to happen with humans living communally but these are often worked out. 'A' camp who does front gate security at a Rainbow gathering are more murderous and violent than anything I have seen on the street in San Diego. Its all perceptions of who the homeless are and what the homeless do.

And dont whine that now the homeless are being documented and have no privacy becuz the cops are constantly running your ID anyway especially if you are a nomad or houseless traveler.

Create Urban Camping Grounds. Just like camping grounds outside of the city.

Making private property in and out of the city into urban camping grounds may give owners some revenue or create some business perk or benefit for them doing so with land that isnt being used for anything anyway as its being sold or looked at for development etc. San Diego is full of such spaces. There was a parking lot like this in downtown but there were too many fights the owners kicked everyone off. Well duh check who is on your property first. Not all homeless are of the same demographic.

As far as shelters go start up places where the homeless or travelers who are functional can go away from the severely mentally ill and away from the negative, trouble elements. Design it so there is a fee either nightly or weekly and match this with the money already available from either the govt areas or donation/fund raising. Many of us are tired of living in Oliver Twist while fully entered into the 21st century.

DONT design the system to support everything in the mainstream system that has gotten people homeless to begin with. With people who are targeted..well its pretty much survival of the fittest as only the smartest and strongest will figure out what is happening to them or be so favored as to be assisted- that should fill in some Capitalist, greedy urges for you. Me survival and even flourishing being a TI has had little to do with socialism or the like. And dont hand me bs about that idea being discrimitory towards the mentally ill as all the shelters are so especially if they are programs towards housing as THE MENTALLY ILL CANNOT PARTICIPATE OR COMPETE THESE PROGRAMS thus by thier very design they are discriminating. And that was brought to my attention by a social worker IN A SHELTER who just plods along cuz the system is f*cked and he knows it by now.
Its interesting how many workers in the homeless industry want me to write this book. They cant go against the very system they work for that is doing little of what it claims to do becuz they need thier jobs and careers.

So that is why many of us cant "Get a Job!" as yer sorry asses will tell us many times ( I note that this has stopped now that you bastards have a taste of a rotten economy. So only NOW is our reality valid? It was there all along. Just like gang staling but you not experiencing it made it easy for you to invalidate.
The only way to expose a system THIS corrupt and offensive is to not depend on anything from the system it is actually supporting.

If you want homelessness to be managed better than it is today you have to understand what it is really about and stop listening to a bunch of PC social services hounds who forgot why they went into the field long ago or are really just cleaning up the damages of the Capitalist system which now has turned very facist and nasty. Listen to the people who are out on the street..not everyone is mentally ill, on drugs or drunk or lazy. Though I understand its going to be hard to listen to me due to my claims making me sound mentally ill. That wont be the focus of my seperate work on this issue and most homeless will agree with me on alot of what I say...that is when they are not around YOU or the people in the system managing them as they have learned that showing initiative or intelligence will get them nothing but a hard time.

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