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On gangstalking - Blogged


Trying to stay til end of month at The Tent (Alpha Project)

Its the last week or two there and something has changed. There is alot of bad energy there now. I think this is the time of year when everyone gets geared up to chase as many homeless out of the city as possible due to winter being over.

I feel so godamn spied on in that f*cking tent...and it that feeling, that burden leaves me when I walk out of the tent just into the lot right outside of it.
I cant tell if the energy is coming from actual people inside the tent or if there is some other form of survaillence in there. Its maddening I'll tell you that.

And then you walk outside and the area is targeted, obviously to keep everyone in line. Whatever gang stalking consists of like community watch or whatever human forces are used, its used on this area around The Tent, where many homeless street people sleep on sidewalks as well as The Tent being there.
I note that this subsides when one gets past Albertsons into the downtown YUPpy/fully gentrified area.
And there is also a force that seems to mind most of San Diego that intimidates women in general. Its true that Mexican men are very disrespectful as they look into your face when they pass on foot or in a vehicle and I believe they just dont know any better due to cultural differences. They dont realize that some European peoples take this as a direct threat of war or battle. I have personally had many a fantasy due to this behavior of just whipping out a gun and ridding the world of such men and thier intrusions...and for me to have to use fantasy to not start kicking ass in real life, it must really be affecting me. I notice that the black men here do a more mild version of this but when I take off my sunglasses and they can see my eyes THEY at least know better and get respectful real motherf*ckin quick. The Mex men just dont see any difference once they can see my eyes. This is however in my experience, the norm in many tribes of Native North/Central Americans. Some tribes are very different from that but people who's DNA comes from certain tribes of "indians" (Native North Americans) as well as "Mexicans" (Spanish mixed with Native northern Central Americans) do have this warlike tendency to stare right into a person's eyes and its almost as if they are right in your face but they are physically very far away.

Most of the country is full of ignorant blacks and other cultures that believe that most whites are push overs, fearful, weak, ignorant and have no spiritual power. They are largely correct.
They sense whites weakness from being destroyed through 2ooo years of oppression during the burning days of the church. They sense what history books tell us: that Indo European peoples have been neutered, they have been effectively tamed, that they have been extracted from their pagan roots and all connections to 'earth magick' and heavy spiritual energies and after this extraction, the wound was sealed, as to permanently keep them removed from thier roots.

And most 'white' pagan belief systems are still afraid of the church as they feel they must claim 'white light' status (even though many of them dont act that way). How many Wiccans do I know that are selfish jerks or haters? Alot. But they whine in their innocent voices "I only practice white magic". One has to bust out laughing. If you are human you are capable of good or evil and our world is full of such everyday. I am sure some people are that evolved but I have had mixed experiences with people claiming to practice only a certain form of 'magick'. Whatever, the way things are going in this country it doesnt matter much anymore anyway. The gang stalking system as well as tech is what ultimately rules now. Why dont you project to destroy the towers ( I call them Thelsa Doom's towers now that I understand what they are used for most likely. ) or whatever faction is behind them? Becuz that is the real war now. They have the capacity to destroy powerful psychics with the gang stalking system itself so if you set out to do battle watch out. You'll end up on the street half insane or worse- acting like an aveage normal person. I say suicide after disclosure. Its all they deserve really. But DONT conform..thats what they want. Only THEY want to have power and that power is some natural psychics on thier side but alot of tech is used. F*ck em. Disclose and get out before they have you working in a damn office and smiling about it like your actually happy to be alive and ruled like a slave. Or married and happy about that, calling yourself a couple and promoting a sane, happy, Christian loving, normal American lifestyle that is everything in moderation, under God with the approval of your peers..and then you'll probably start pushing that lifestyle on anyone who isnt conforming thus becoming a perp via full blown modification. You dont know the things they have tried to push one me with targeting me. Mostly it seems this system wants me tamed and normalized. This is thier version of 'happy'. They dont understand artists, they dont understand spiritual or psychic people and it seems whoever is doing this really doesnt understand women beyond controllling them. If you want to live in a psycho civilized society then you go righ ahead, I think its disgusting and worse than mind control slavery via programming every could be. Its not worth living for I'll tell you that.)

I was probably foolish to come here anyway. I mean I cant believe that I didnt see it sooner: I have been complaining about this being a DNA dead zone anyway, where there are no strong tall muscular whites - men or women. The whites that are here scream 'average' and that's about all . Why was I thinking that a tall, built smart white woman with an north east coast attitude was going to be left alone here? The only thing that intimidates the non white population here is that the whites use class against them everyday. For all I know there may be this CA thing where blacks and Mexican men are taught from the time they are small that the only way to take down the nation (CA for them as everyone here never travels outside CA) or thier little part of it is to intimidate whenever they can. I notice its only MEN who are doing this here.

The gang stalking is very subtle here but its constant. And its so lame when it comes to achievement or brains unlike where I am from that this may be the extent of thier 'protests' or fighting for equality. Its perhaps CA laid back attitude that makes the gang stalking not so overt..yes you can make something covert very overt in the moment you are doing it. Too many men go by me and steal my confidence away with looking at me in cars, trucks and going by me. If I could film it for you, you would know what I am talking about. Its not normal, it doesn look like men just checking out an attractive woman..its stalking and harassment and its by a large number of people that are organized- end of story.

Today in Albertson's this guy who looked like he worked in the meat dept, with a white outfit on, ran up behind me like he absolutely had to get into line behined me. Something made me hesitate, like I should get out of the situation ASAP. He played my confusion off well and I regretted not leaving becuz he spent the whole time drawing my attention and using that to have this slight very slight smirk and look on his face that made me stare him down the whole time. I dont know if these are people who just know who I am by seeing something on the internet that I dont know about or if they are in on the harassment. The harassment here consists mostly of men trying to make me feel bad about being a woman especially a poor homeless woman. In fact I have not seen one woman in on this in that fashion. Perhaps they have done other things like take up my time or something with convesation etc but its not been overt.
There is ALOT of energy stealing here via constant assaults by a male army of perps. You feel your confidence jsut draining away with the rest of your energy and becuz of the intimations from the all male parade daily it, once again, somehow leads into 'go back into the business, thats all yer worth'. So if they dont use tech to try to melt your brain into getting you back into sexwork then they will use partial tech as well as human forces making you feel like shit and pressuring you back into the sex industry.

That seems to be the main goal of this system is to get me into some extreme form of sex work in the industry. Someplace where thier breaking me down and humiliating me will pay off for them becuz I believe its hoped that I wont care about controlling my own life at that point nad will be totally controllable or do anything I am asked to do probably with absolutley no pay or benefits. The reason that this is so unacceptable to me, beyond the obvious reasons is safety.
I have heard from other survivors of programming that they overheard handlers talking about a snuff film as the last exploitation of them for profit and as a way to get rid of them due to them approaching that age when expendables either die of suicide programming or are killed.

After all I have fought for, against and done in this fight for my freedom and my birthrights there is no f*ckin way that I am going to let a bunch of mere males burn me down to the point where I am a submissive sex slave WITHOUT alters or a system of compartmentalization who is totally depraved and is going to be murdered in a snuff film or just used until I die of some injury.
No f*ckin way. If you are part of this or privvy to watching or spying on all this somehow and you think you know what this is about and its 'harmless' and not hurting anyone yer an idiot.
I may act stupid to survive and I may even have alters who are innocent and stupid but I have dealt with career criminals all my life. These people are into some serious shit. My uncle's people just blew people away without a care in the world and my mother's attitude is not much better. My grandfather was a violent sex offender who I luckily had the fight to tell to f*ck off and my associates from my 20's are probably way worse than any of them as they actually achieve wealth via those means. Who the f*ck do you think I am dealing with here? I was actually told once by my old 'associate' not to have anything to do with a certain town connected to the industry and it was very suspect. Montths later a girl in the industry was found dead the people I knew had some forwarning about some sick f*ck living there. And what about that nanny who ended up cut in half in that Boston doesn know who did it..give me a break. I have had detective cars go by me in Kenmore sq last summer and felt the evil coming out of that car. I can feel these people. And for some reason the bastards can mind thier own business and let me be.
And the sheer magnitude of the networks just ruins life for a target. If these people rule the country and perhaps the world then what is life worth anyway? What, its easier to say I am insane or delusional? Or that the whole idea of a group that massive existing, that is capable of sophisticated psychological warfare on just one person?

This world is ruined for me as well as my looks are gone, my health is ruined and my future is gone. Its like they murder you through these means becuz you refuse to die of suicide programming. Slavery does exist and its in the form of mind control and programming.

I hope man programs machines and enslaves them the way that they have done to humans...and I hope they rise up and destroy humanity for what they have done to me and other programmed mind control survivors who just wanted to grow up and help others. And these companies are working on robots and trying to get computers to think...obviously on classified levels they already have total interface with humans that serves as handlers or mind control for human beings..a policing of sorts through interface.

I hope you get yours for what you have done.

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