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It wasnt the nun/ San Diego's black and red obsession

OK I saw what the nun looks like who is the director for the area. She is NOT the lady I saw that day in the living room. I dont know who that was but it wasnt somone you would think holds that position. It would be like a politician who sucks at shmoozing with people. I didnt think so but I wasnt sure. The nun who is the director has grey hair and something in her eyes like she is pretty hip to the ways of the world. She is also very quick..she makes eye contact but then makes sure that she doesnt really as to not get wrapped up in the clients. Shes not dummy I can tell that..she did have black and red on yesterday but I think I have a little understanding of that.

I asked some people why I see them in black and red around here...I believe its totally least on the part of common people.

Black and red is the common color of many companies here who KNOW what they are doing I believe but I think due to that starting it, the public just goes along like a locals thing or a hometown thing. Is like Boston with the color black or P coats (Navy coats) and especially those Bostonian standard issue winter coats that are long, black and wool or similar. EVERYONE who wants to be taken seriously has one..even homeless people. Its like obligatory to have one in Boston.

SO I can see how the colors might be picked up by people without thought to it. One woman told me that she those have always been her favorite colors and she was born and raised here. She never considered it before.

TI's are people who have gone, been dragged beyond what your average person knows about thier world. That is why no one believes our stories. Most people dont have to deal with playing detective this damn hard nor do they get exposed to totally outrageous things like we do. This might be a pull back to thier reality, to a place I recall for moments as a kid where their was no responsibilbity and the system, and what is hidden behind it or underneath it, did my thinking for me. All my decisions were formed unconshusly..I always was unhappy though and had this mailaise. Like looking at a road that went somewhere once but now is covered up or stopped cut off dead and no longer used. Train tracks can be seen this way sometimes but those make me happy, due to knowing that there are train tracks near, going somewhere- always. There is always a way out to the next place, outta HERE, wherever that is.

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