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The Tent is one of the best concepts

In my traveling and doing the homeless shelter circuit I have experienced deplorable conditions as well as unqualified, biased or corrupt staff. Most of these places are funded by YOUR tax dollars as well as some also gain funds from being faith based from thier circle..with tax breaks I am sure.

San Diego is one of the places where shelter staff seems to be overtly compassionate and not bible thumping.

The staff at some places can be trying at times but never as bad as say Boston which is a nightmare as far as staff they cover thier asses with real estate ownership and glitzy sales pitches. That doesnt change the fact that staff mistreat and even abuse people. You can shine all you want in the hard to break into Boston social and business scene..its still a fact. This is the problem with Boston...the scene is hard to break into but once you are in, you can do no wrong and everyone else will cover your ass, which is grossly unfair and in alot of what they pull- illegal.

The Tent has been wonderful..for what it is. The staff actually work with us and only pull games very occasionally or minimally and its usually due to them being very busy. A very small staff dealing with so many people its impressive. This morning one of them piped up to keep quiet and have respect for the people still sleeping. Do you understand how music that is to my ears? In many places staff doesnt care if you get no sleep but they will be very stern about you waking up in the morning and even treat you like you are lazy somehow due to having trouble getting up.

The homeless scene in the USA is very very sick and full of people in denial about the homeless population. Its due to citizens having to kiss the ass of a Capitalistic society that has gone into fascist areas in its rule. Years ago many of these people would not be in your face on the street or in a shelter down the street from you or in your city due to apartments being much cheaper. When I was a kid in the 70's a 3 bedroom was like 200-400 dollars. In the early 90's a two bedroom in Allston, a used to be hip part of Boston for college kids whos parents arent loaded or into paying for a ritzy place during college, was 700 dolllars. During the late 90's gentrification spread and rents doubled in most major cities. They have topped off now as being perhaps a bit more expensive than that but I recall how all land lords had to do was make a few improvements and then they could call themselves part of this new world of gentrification- and double thier rents. It wasnt like here in San Diego where all new buildings were put up.

And the people who could fight this have all given up or left the USA which is cowardly and stupid due to that leaving only the *ssholes who caused this or benifit from this to live here. Leaving the US is like letting cancer cells fester and spread, as you think running away from the problem will make YOUR life easier. All you are doing is allowing such a model to look like it actually works and other nations may take on this model or may praise America for its taking part in this NWO. Really what they have done is penalize anyone who cant pay or wont fit in and some very smart and talented people have gone homeless or left the USA and in the former situation, many are then stigmatized so that society believes they need medication..simply becuz they are targeted and I dont mean as heavily as outright gang stalking.

If you cant see that making America a strong country during globalization has been done by denying many of its citizens thier rights as well as grossly exploiting people overseas you are living in denial or ignorance.

A plane or helicopter is flying very low over the tent area and has been for 10 minutes now..even THAT is an intimated threat to US citizens in our Orwellian society nowadays. As I write this the plane has veered off and headed south. Just as I have written this. I asked a woman what that daily disturbance was exactly and she said it may be a police helicopter but wasnt sure and didnt care. This is why the overlords "hate the smart ones" as I was told once in Boston.

In future I want to do some writing concerning what federal standards need to be impemented in the homeless system in the USA. One is the use of cleaning and other dangerous chemicals. Some suggestions also on standardization for building showers, bathrooms or shelters themselves as much of what exists does not efficiently serve the needs of both the client, the staff or the investors/administrators. Much of what is built costs more than it probably should in the long run.

I have not seen in the USA much of anything with the traveller in mind other than places one would find specific to such a mindset and these are usually places that are costly.

One of the reasons that the tent is better suited to people living houseless is that despite it being wet twice a week due to cleaning and its difficult to breath, that is only twice a week. Many shelters that are physical buildings are moldy beyond what would be acceptable if they were rented out or owned by a homeowner. This goes for hostels as well.

One of the reasons that some people sleep outside is due to chemical sensitivity such as myself, where I gained this condition from a water damaged apartment for 3 years of exposure. Sleeping inside usually eventually makes this condition worse and relief is only gained in the southwest due to it being very dry. Most people without these conditions are ignorant of how it affects the sufferer.

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Jeremy said...

Thought you'd be interested to hear this. I'd like to hear your take on it. To me this seems very sinister.

Alberta ponders biometric ID cards for homeless

Provincial cards could use biometric data

CALGARY - The province is working on ways to provide ID cards to homeless people that could include biometric samples of fingerprints or facial scans.

In a meeting with the Herald editorial board , Housing Minister Jonathan Denis said his department is in discussions with Service Alberta about creating an Alberta ID card for the homeless.

"We are going to be discussing a biometric type of system," he said. "Identification does have value on the street and we have to make sure we have those adequate controls in place.

"But it would make someone feel like more of a person, help them get on their feet with a bank account -- things you can't get without identification."

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