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On gangstalking - Blogged


St Vincents and remote influence..first experience, mostly due to security most likely

Harassment at St Vincents, and it was all tech. They are usually pretty nice to me and helpful. But I had never been to the lobby before and someone said I could charge my phone. This dude told me where the outlet was until someone told me I couldnt charge there after all but during the time I was charging I noticed some strange activity. I noticed that there was alot of families or women with children coming out of the gate/door to the lobby. I guess this was the family program and I didnt realize it as I have little to do with St Vincents up to this point. I am glad they provide showers and meals and a bad weather overflow but I have heard they put alot of structure on you in thier programs and I have enough self imposed structure that I carry out daily with quite alot of discipline..I am trying to get a book started as well as my blogs written daily and that takes research, time and thought. I just let the world think I am lazy as this is what everyone thinks of homeless people anyway, except in certain places like Boston where it isnt unusual for working people or college students to make a shelter their home for years on end due to rents being high or them not fitting into the snooty collegiate population. Many people find a much needed home in shelters and its the closest thing to family they will ever have.

I get more work done by letting stupid people remain stupid about what exactly homeless people are up to anyway. F*ck em. Nobody wants to admit to how smart many of us out here are and when it comes to stalking and harassment its just easier to say that I am some crazy, damaged or delusional woman who writes all day- but sadly it means little as I am not working, earning, owning anything or socializing in 'normal' society as well as I am writing about something that does not exist anyway. See how easy it is for society to manage perceptions? And do you see how, like an alchemist, one can reform what is theirs to serve ones own ends. This is why its so important for the system to keep a TI on the run, from shelter to shelter and state to state. It makes it so one gets little done even in an environment where one should be able to be left alone.
Really with my situation its all about making me look crazy or a bad person who cant get along iwth people as this is common practice when discrediting a potential victim witness as well as the other situation where someone who is a victim of sexual slavery or anything connected to as pedo family-usually the one child who acts out or actually tells on the perps or the family will be denied thier right to speak and to live not only by the cops but the neighborhood, all of society usually and the family will make sure the person is gaslighted so that they appear to be 'the f*ckup' and their story cannot be believed. Scott proved my theories on this by constantly bad mouthing his sister Claire, when its obvious that that damn family was riddled with incest. Gee I wonder why shes f*cked up? Hmm lets think now. Then of couse like a good little trauam victim he slips info through his compartments by admitting to that being indeed the true case.

F*ck all these people, they will not shove me in some closet and beat me down and gaslight me until I dont know what is true and what is not. The cops are in on all this bs partly becuz there is always a population of people in authority that are sick f*cks but also becuz they have to protect the investments and the interests of the very wealthy, especially if those are perversions. I am not being moralistic, just realistic. I believe that men are always going to want to fool around and go to strip clubs whatiever, but I dont approve of screwing around with young children. End of story. That has always been my feeling and it is to this day. I am not so American as to be adverse to a more European outlook, like a younger person being with a bit older perhson. I was a young girl once myself many of my friends of like 14 or 15 were with 19 year olds. Today that is shocking but perhaps we were only 20 years away from the late 60's back then and it was a different world, I dont know. I just think people focus so much on rules nowadays that they lose sight of individuality and humanity. Its a much sicker world now I think trying hard to control 'crime' but in the process brining about more injustice. And in the big picture its just in the interest of pushing through globalization and having the US put up with what Bush did during his administration. Yer a criminal if you question authority- its that simple.

And with the use of tech that the public are NOT aware of as thought control people cannot possibly know thier own minds at this point anyway. I often wonder if thought control of this nature is used in very wealthy neiborhoods or if its only used on the poor and the homeless thus this is why threats to the agenda are pushed into the homeless population.

Anyway, my experience today in that lobby was like I wrote I realized it was the family side. Before that I had offered some candy to the guy who told me where the outlet was and to the lady behind hte counter. She gets this phonecall and you can tell its from security who is watching. I hadnt seen people coming in and out yet. She had refused candy as she is not allowed to take gifts from clients. That should have been the end of it. You can hear her telling someone "..candy, and that guy right there" like whoever she is talking to is watching what is going on as it happens in the lobby. "that guy right there' indicates whoever she is on the phone with can see what she sees in the same area. Duh.

Then I sat queitly and waited for my stuff to be done with for at least a few minutes. Thats when I started to notice women with children coming and going, and thier mothers or whatever. I thought nothuing of it until I got this really creepy feeling about me sitting there and the fact women with children were coming and going through there. I actually started to notice my own presence there as suspicious when by nature I would not as I AM a woman so it doesnt phase me that women with children are coming through. It was small babies to not infants. I started to percieve myself as being suspect and possilby perverted or suspected of that for sitting there. I noted the security call and realized that this is either the use of remote influence through the capibility of thier security system or my psychic sensitivities telling me exactly what some paranoid or harassing security jerk behind the cameras was thinking. That happens alot actually. I actually sense when police go by and have often gotten info that way. Actually support usually. I can always sense when decent cops are around as I get the support of ideations that I was indeed screwed over and I am doing the right thing by fighting. Its either part of the military toys cops are equipped with now or its the fact that cops are chipped in some way not to thier knowledge. Its very possible that people that seem to randomly become police are actually programmed from infancy and the system keeps tabs on them throughout life and ensures through events being manipulated that they seem to randomly become police. Also if many of them are former military this would make sense as well.
It would also make sense as to why so fewer cops have been a pain in my ass as far as gang stalking compared to private security companies who most TI's can count as a major source of harassment.
They will hire anybody really, I mean compared to the cops. A homeless woman in one of the shelters puts on her Wackenhut uniform and goes to work every night. I mean its good that she works but you have to be realistic about security compared to real authority. The problem with hte USA now is that any one with a damn badge is god and that should not be how it is as for some of us this bowing down due to 9-11 has been the major reason our lives could be ruined so easily. Anyone who was corrupt just dons a badge and viola! The crooks can get rid of their enemies taking advantage of the confusion and fear of wartime. And the sheep let them get away with it.

This creeped out feeling towards MY own self lasted until I pulled the chord out of the wall. It stayed with me though and it kept me feeling bad all the way down the street to the trolley.

Wondering about the coincidences concerning my mother mentioning years ago that people had started to treat her like they didnt trust her around children. And I recalled the one NA meeting I brought her to in Watertown and all women's meeting where I thought she would be safe. Every woman there talked about incest and being molested. She mentioned that she was surprised by the numbers in just one meeting. Dont sweat it Ma, its called organized stalking and harassment and the bitches in that meeting knew exactly what they were doing. Alot of wives and ex wives of musicians, jazz and other wise in there. Lots of rich bitches and trust fund kids from extremely wealthy families on welfare.

I guess they have to do something to make themselves feel better about never having the strength to walk away from the abusive family that keeps them on that leash made of money, or that abusive husband who used to throw them out into the snow with thier babies at 3 am..doesnt always pay to live in Newton MA when the guy is a jerk eh?

I walked away. I am free. I stay away from people who abuse me, which is why the system mnust sent such people to do so. I couldnt believe how much mind control is used on these kids by thier rich f*cked up families. You bastards do as you like...YOU are the ones who are lazy not I. And you live in denial. Becuz you cant survive without your families money. hahahahahahahahahaha. That is why Jake didnt have the spine to tell his mom to get off his he sold me out instead as a scapegoat for those feelings. You cant tell off the bank now can you? All those self righteous rich bastards are going to be painted as fairly as they deserve. I, unlike they, have the class to be fair to people I feel are far beneath me. I think by now we can tell who's grandparents were Marines and who were just rich crooked f*cks. Take a guess.
They also dont seem to program lazy people either. Rich lazy people.
Even Burroughs had to hit the road with just a small trust fund, the rest was a struggle. If you dont think that guy was either programmed, targeted or wrapped up in some covert bs think again and look much more closely.

So I am glad that I dont go to St Vincents with thier overbearing program. When is there going to be a program for homeless talented artists and writers?


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