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A word about hostels

Comment left by reader:
" Hi there, __ was looking at this web site on International hostels and they have a membership that cost $ 28.00 year,I don't know How much it will cost with the total of buying it on line, so if what I donate isn't enough let me know."

A note on hostels:
Hostels are a wonderful concept. To make travel and exploration cheap and easy to learn about other cultures.
BUT as a TI you will only recieve large doses of harassment. From staff or guests or both. These places are a sure bet to get harassed or even worse. There have been human experimentation groups doing what can only be described as 'abductions' of targets in these places moreso during Bush and the heyday of the war. Supposedly one doesnt get removed but actually messed with right there on the premises by an entire group. If you are with someone ok but alone? All you can do is try the place out and if you know its an ok hostel allright then but you may not want to pay the price to find out. Like I said it might be better now that during the height of the war or if the system feels it's destroyed a target to the point of lowering intelligence or is now a non threat it may not be that dramatic, just some gangstalking might occur.

Places noted to have been sights of human experimentation or gang stalking by large groups staying at the hostel (where its obviously a group effort):

*Boston, MA- both hostels but the summer one seems safer (BU dorms are turned into hostel in summer, Commonwealth Ave)

*Phoenix, AZ

*St Louis, MO

These 3 locations are either extremely nasty due to organized stalk/harassment or horrible psychological warfare/ experimnetation has gone on there. St Louis might be the most dangerous for stalk/harass or trying to kill the TI but Boston is by far the most arrogant as well as worst for experimentation/psych warfare by a group.

All these places have the young kids in groups who seem to really hate the TI for no reason as well as have older members that reek of the kind of perp who is into kiddie rings or control over others somehow similar to that. Rich kids who seem to think the TI needs to be dumbed down as well as is perhaps a threat to the elite is very popular as well. Use your programming if you are a survivor or just play real dumb and observe/document what is happening while going through it....gather as much info as possible.

And get 'em later.

These are a cheap option for a target driven into being destitute, also you will meet people from other countries who think what is going on here is disgusting. IF you know how to sell your activism without looking insane or a whiner you can use meeting foriegners to not only broaden your view in relation to what is happening here but also let them know as well so they pass this on to other nations. You have GOT to know how to do this without it being annoying, connected to an activist group or being to overt. If you dont know how to sell things to people or seek out who wud by interested by talking to them first DONT try this. Every disinfo person involved in this pretends to be a TI who is of course off thier rocker and usually obsessive about the whole issue (as well as being an information hoarder "oh you have to read this about FEMA camps!!!" "Oh you have to read this about Magellans disease and aliens" those kinds of *ssholes that show up as TIs but you are wondering just how targeted they really are when they either turn on you or act like perps. Christine from Boston who keeps claiming to be part of FFCH is one of those people and its no wonder they dont want to associate with her if they are genuine at all. People like Christine get along famously with staff at all homeless services as well as seem to have lives. They also dont suffer from the same issues that being a victim of torture would cause. I have seen way to many of these people claiming to be TIs turn on me and they are the worst compared to anyone else who betrays a target. They are the lowest of the low. All they are is perps playing another role and it takes years of living throught this to NOT fall for being sucked into flame wars or anything else for that matter.

Many TIs have left behind massive works that are very valuable only to be discredited as "CIA plants" or other catch phrases to scare people off with no proof at all. Totally just brushed off after not only a life of suffering but then trying to get justice for oneself. This is the very meaning of "expendable mind controlled slave". You dont matter and the disinfo people are going to make sure you are as expendable as an activist as you were as a sex worker, courier or whatever you were programmed for. It also seems that certain kinds of slaves or people who share the same qualities or features (perhaps bloodlines or DNA pools) seem to suffer the same fate. It does not surprise me that a certain high profile survivor looks very much like my mother's family line especially stemming from my grandfather, and as a survivor she seems to have been just brushed off to the side by critics and slandered harder than the other survivors...she also seems to have the same ability for research that I do as well as leaving massive works behind free of charge that contain valuable info that other survivors do not seem to disclose of possess or even think of.
This is a clue that certain lines with specific abilities may be programmed for certain tasks but also reach the same demise.
The biggest mistake I saw this survivor engage in or become victim to was being sucked into flame wars.
DONT WASTE YOU TIME. Its been wasted enough already.

Every survivor has something valuable and credible about their story. Its just the whole thing is so confusing at certain points and the way one is harassed IS brainwashing. As usual we work as hard at activism as we did under mind control and that may be the whole diversion right there--make sure the survivors who woke up are kept busy.


Anonymous said...

The fake TIs are a real bunch of pieces of crap. Over time I've learned to identify them on forums and such. In person they always radiate more health than a TI should. It's the only way I've found to spot a suspected faker.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could write and express myself as well as you do. I just eraced an hour of writing, just sounded stupid.

Rachael O. said...

Not true as I keep healthy and only those who knew me wud see the change in me. Its what they say moreso. You are right though they do seem more confident than a person who has been tortured into silence.
As for writing:
Stop self censoring. Dont erase just edit afterwards and re edit if necessary.

Mike C said...

It's true, even targets turn their back on other targets in need. Are they perps? It's possible. There isnt one target, or target group that will meet in person, which explains that alot of targets online are perps hiding behind fake pictures and personas. Mike