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Got punched by homeless woman after posting ongangstalking

After I posted today on ONGANGSTALKING a woman iwalked by right outside me coming up to the shelter entrance. She punched me in the right shoulder/chest area. I pulled my sunglassess off and my earphones out asked her "Are u out of your mind?". She then asked me for a quarter and said she was just trying to get my attention. In fight mode the staff comes out and handles me instead of calling the cops as they should have. TOTALLY unacceptable- first of all they should have nothing to say about what happens on city property, also if you are that concerned that you didnt see what happened and "all we see is you yelling at some woman in the street" then call the cops and stay inside. The reaction was not only manipulative but perhaps illegal due to them overstepping thier juristiction on city property. If the cops werew called instead of them just standing there talking about the woman as she came into the center that day and caused trouble, then perhaps this woman would have another piece of evidence against her to take her off the street.

The homeless scene here is designed to wear down fighters into a sense of comfort and its the best handling I have experienced yet. Obama would be very proud. Theo attitude is very snob based and the constant inference is that you dont matter as you are now of the lowest status as well as you were weak or unprotected enough to become homeless to begin with. Not a familiar attitude for a Bostonian thats for sure. I guess it takes going to Harvard to prove you are talented or have intelligence after being homeless. Notice the theme of that movie...Harvard is the only thing that impressess anyone.
What the system does not ever want to realize is that there are plenty of smart people and talent...this country hates poor people and it hates anything outside the system now. I dont believe there is any repairing of this attitude. Whatever happened in the 60's is irepairable now.

The one thing I especially did not like was trying to condemn me for my reaction to an obviously ridiculous affront and also then being snooty and manipulative. The older white woman from administration looked at the younger one trying to manipulate me and calm me down and said " I think she is doing a very good job". WTF?? Its about YOU? Give me a f*ckin break. Its like after 9 pm card games keeping clients awake becuz staff thinks its about them having a good time at work. ITS NOT ABOUT YOU ITS ABOUT PROVIDING SERVICES TO HOMELESS WOMEN and that should mean sticking together not trying to handle people. These kinds of tactics only serve to make someone further dependent on the system by continuously taking power away from the homeless person. If I were them I would have called the police and either taken me inside or told me to wait outside till the cops arrive.

We are not children. I am sick and tired of that from the system. It is destroying my appetite for activism, that and the homeless being really dense out here or carefree. I know I am not going to last much longer here but I would have like to.
The hope is that the target will recall how bad the harassment was on the road and be conditioned to stay somewhere like this where people are nice and accepting of them. Its tempting but the self that is forming is not what I want to be. Besides, due to their being so many nutcases like that woman, the mainstream people here treat the homeless like lepers..I now see why.

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