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This is what the homeless scene looks like in San Diego. Unlike John Water's movies- it isnt funny at all.

(Amended and re written on 6/4/2011 at MIT:)
There was always something comical about the east coast, especially the states like from Maryland upwards, when they did bizarre things or when cultures produced eccentrics. Of course, being rebellious or being trashy in the old days was part of Americana. And it was a part that John Waters focused on, in order to piss off straight normal people, from both a queer perspective and from a Boomer one as well.

But this sort of trashiness has degerated into something else entirely since the 80's. In the 90's we sort of brought it back for ironic value but it had a sixties rebellion to it. There are forces in this country that I feel have allowed this subculture to degenerate into what we see today in such cities as San Diego. American cities are too expensive, too monitored and before these conditions came into being, too worn down and cracked out, also brought on by covert influence from these same factions (think Iran Contra- Reagan/Bush era CIA starts working with African American gangs and crack dealing.)

I suppose this is one of the origins of the YUPpie- a birthplace. Somehow that part of this culture, the corporate part is actually more mellow than back east. It seems almost desirable compared to the Hipster laden, gentrified 'revitalized' down town or Gaslamp area, which is in itself corporate owned.

Being out here, you get the feeling that corporate America is not all to blame for what is wrong with America. Its something else. Starbucks is what we now generalize as 'corporate culture' and we associate it with 'YUPpies' . Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, malls, The Gap, Ben and Jerry's...there is something distinctly different about those things than what is out here. Perhaps I just feel less threatened becuz theres alot of banking out here. Yet back east that also bugs me. There is something easy about working in the rat race here. Back east it is so damn status locked and so competitive- its just ugly. Ugliness covered up by a psuedo European beauty. Like Dallas I actually felt welcomed by some powers that be behind the money and companies here. Back east I am so hated, it makes existing difficult.

The horrid thing here is the way the homeless are mingled together with the worst kinds of mentally ill and criminals. Its really awful. There doesnt seem to be any sort of self policing or people breaking off into tribes like back east. In Cambridge if you cant behave and pull crap, you get thrown out of Harvard Sq. The cops know that which is why they leave people alone alot of the time. Here the cops dont get called enough and unlike back home there doesnt seem to be a paddy wagon with the white coats to take the crazies away.

The system seems totally disconnected to whats going on down here. The homeless live like medieval peasants. There is no kind of unity or solidarity among the homeless either to beat the system or to demand some respect for a certain group who perhaps does not want to live among the filth. Its not a good scene.

Its livable however as many blacks are more friendly and mellow than in other parts of the country, then again, the ones that arent have chimp outs of magnitude I have never seen in my life and hope to never see again. No one seems to have guns, just lots of fighting. Lots of male domination as well, women dont have any authority here like back east. Its not Celtic or Germanic or Italian in that way at all. Its Mexican, black and a bunch of poor whites who dont know who they are or where their ancestors are from. There are ALOT of blonde and red headed people out here, smallish, slim people who look alot like pioneer types from covered wagons in old movies. Perhaps only the smallish people survived the trip. They get very red from the Mex sun and all have beat red faces year round.

Its not a city where the homeless know how to live off the fat of the land if you will, like back east. They dont seem to form communities or carve out niches by force and then defend thier territory, with quiet back up from cops like in Cambridge. And the cops are always around Harvard. Here considering how violent and messed up this homeless ghetto is, there are not any cops on beats as there should be.

San Diego obviously wants this population and they want it the way it is- stoned, living in third world conditions and violent and very very kept down and ignorant. And VERY dependent on the system- giving people that live like this $900 a month to keep living like this from the state of CA when you claim your state is broke tells me there is a motive for that which must be quite compelling.

There are alot of kind people, that really remind you of the old perception of Cali from the 60's. But beware the damages from recent decades of politics and whatever else has caused this. Big Pharma is yet another contender for wanting this mess to exist.

Portions of this population could easily live in communities like the 60's but cultivating that is denied. WHY? Its as if subculture scenes are not allowed to exist here any longer. And like the rest of the geographic south western USA region, which this fits into- the services are faith based, further intimidating and brainwashing and controlling people into dependence on the system. Of course all faith based services get govt funding which is deceptive and a clashing of church and state I find disgusting. Its yet another way to ensure that people dont come together, becuz their god is there to handle things for you.

Well at least it replaces the CALI rep for producing dangerous cults I guess. Except for the ones that have alot of influence in this area, which are not goofy stupid cults either.

Church of Scientology, Satanists and the Navy all populate this area. Scientology being the worst. Though I like thier anti psychiatry stance. L Ron Hubbard's name is etched into some sidewalks and he was a Navy man. Also he broke away from his own creation so one wonders exactly who is behind the Scientology that is marketed to people.

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