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Ending homelessness

I know I have posted about this;_ylt=A0oGky7xKHpLhAYB.DBXNyoA?p=end+homelessness&fr2=sb-top&fr=b2ie7&sao=1

You cant end a condition like curing a disease if you refuse to include a major cause of it existing. How are people going to 'end homelessness' (other than making it illegal or some such means), if they do not want to end one of the major causes of homelessness? This society like any other democracy will never admit to covert activities as they are deemed a necesary 'evil'. Also no one is even coming close to a concept of homelessness as nomadic lifestyle in humans. In fact I believe that re packaging houselessness as nomadic or even wild or ferrel and marketing the concept that way would be the financial suicide for non profits and the obvious attempts to constantly handle and control this population. Its a given that the sex offenders, violent offenders and anyone else who is a problem in any society who fits that description are people who one does not want camping out or unaccounted for making causing trouble easier. I am referring to the homeless who are not violent offenders. You may see a homeless person lose thier temper or defend themselves publically, this does not mean they are violent or mentally ill. It means the pressure is getting to them, it means the system is messing with them or keeping them down. This is why targets are mixed in with mentally ill and violent offenders, its to thier advantage and to thier detriment.

Often humans may benefit from going primitive or nomadic. It may be perfectly natural to survive.

As long as there is a 'dont ask dont tell' policy with targeted individuals you will never 'end homelessness'. If you cannot end gang stalking you cannot end homelessness. The only way to do this is to really harass this population until everyone accepts some mental illness diagnoses and gets medicated (not ending the harassment campaigns I assume) which then means a revolving door of re housing. What they are doing now is basically harassing the homeless into being out of sight out of mind which looks like the problem is being solved. There is perhaps a dent in homelessness due to better services now or housing but there are new homeless all the time due to young people hitting the streets as usual or people becoming homeless per circumstances.

Marginalizing, excluding and handling is the only way its working now. Having to answer the intake so they can get funding is always a joke and really humiliating as one can never tell the truth about one's situation on paper.

There needs to be a better grey area in our supposed civilized society. AND there needs to be a more firm approach to the homeless that do indeed ruin it for everyone else who are disruptive and such.

And handling the homeless like children is one of the most annoying things about shelters. It makes sleeping outside attractive to anyone who has fought the systems corruption to stay alive and sane.

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