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On gangstalking - Blogged


Yuma AZ Love's Truck Stop AZ. Rt I-8. Stay he hell away from the Love's truck stop on Gila. Cops doing tactical harassment, managers in on gs theatres, trucks wont give rides.

Could be power lines near by, dont know, but ended up fighting with travel companion alot, the psychologicsl warfare added to this effect. We compared notes and we both had experienced hearing one specific song in our mind's ear, repetitively for approx the past eight hours beginning with last evening late. He also claims to have heard only an excerpt of a song repetitively. How can two seperate individuals experience such a thing both only realizing the others experience afterwards?

Looked at map. There is some sort of Marine Corp installation right nearby.
Guess I have to be more careful before going somewhere next time.

It wasnt as bad as Tuscon. Alot of the content was pushing me to get a lawyer and sue. Yet, still, these technologies should not be used for rapid growth or behavior modification in humans, especially at the price of destroying intelligence, health or artistic ability. Especially psychic ability.

Bus system: YCAT
Goes around Yuma and all the way out east to Welton a small town east down rt 8. Bus is 3.50 all day pass, 2.50 adult one way and 1.75 special rate.

Target is to the Northwest and Walmart to South west.These are both 40 min walks.
The Orange line of YCAT bus goes from Harley Davidson near Love's to a different Walmart.

If you r stuck at Loves take the Orange line bus to Dairy Queen east and this is near Flying J where its more tolerant of travelers. Seven minute walk to Flying J.

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