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On gangstalking - Blogged


Fell For Another Manipulator

The guy I was traveling with has taken control of the relationship. I thought I could handle him and again I was wrong.

Due to my situation, poverty and my being so damaged from years of abuse, I usually have no or limited options for friends and boufriends.

I often take what I can, whatever comes along. Especially being under such duress. Predators know I am vulnerable. I am need protection, affection, companionship.

Due to this desperation I have gotten into relationships with men I hardly know who turn out to be unstable or abusive just in order to gain some sort of quick security, protection and companionship.

This keeps happening and its unavoidable- the vulnerable one becomes: older, losing looks, unable to gain economic independence or education, isolated, failing health etc- the more a Target feels they are ' only human'. Unable to make the best decisions possible for themselves and thier situations.
Being a female, collective male sentiment such as sexism or mobbing a woman is utilized greatly in my campaign; another instance where the designers of sophisticated psy ops campaigns understand and use to their advantage the primitive urges of the masses who are kept ignorant about just how animalistic their dark sides really are.

The end result is the designers end up regressing both Target and public mob into mere animals. One of their favorite things to do seems to be reducing people living like animals.
Anyone not able to keep up is seen as a part of what threatens rhe TIs life not saving it.

I thought I could handle the emotions involved with using someone who was out to use me. Not being a total sociopath, but perhaps forced to reason like one often enough, I fell into being vulnerable to emotional attachment. I also have been a total bitch to this person due to having to function a certain way in order to be safe and function.

I was desperate for a guard dog and a healer but forgot that person is a human being who cannot be changed.

Its hard to consider other's humaness when yours has rarely been taken into consideration your entire life.

TIs need someone they can trust; Survivors of mind control or programming require people they can respect and depend on. Becuz Targets are basically in a life and death situation, anyone not meeting those requirements is most likely going to get attacked. In programmed Survivors there is alot to do with discipline and having to succeed at any cost or do whatever it takes to survive. This is instilled in the person at a very young age via the various RA you have most likely read about. Suicide is preferable to failure, that and dying for whatever is trying to be accomplished, instead of giving up. All part of constructing the superman I assume.

This makes the Targeted Survivor of programming extremely difficult to be around.

Out of desperation we connect with who we can...and we pay for it dearly by depend on opportunists or other inappropriate people. It messes us up and disturbs whatever programming remains as well as whatever the gs has created over.years of conditioning. The new companion suffers as well, and thus the perps have.more evidence as to whst an unfair overbearing crazy female you really are, which in terms of the cover story, means you MUST deserve being targeted.

This system wastes nothing and its often multi purpose.

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