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The Truck Stops In Breezewood PA Are Dangerous To TIs

The Travel Center Of America truck and car stop in Breezewood Pennsylvania is a total gang stalking trap. The McDonald's nearby is wired to the gills. You WILL.start to get agitated and lose focus.

The Pilot is also going to have perps messing with you driving by and the counter people are snooty nobodies but there's not going to be the out and out harassmemt going on inside Pilot.

The TA is within what appears to be a sort of official rest area. I.assume this gives the place priority to be subjected to a.high degree of police or other surveillance or by a security company or covert agency and of course if you are targeted these powers WILL BE ABUSED in order to harass and stalk you.

McDonald's also but that's the norm anyway. McDonalds, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, HEB, etc. Your GOING to get harassed in these chains. And/or targeted with tech. McDonald's always delivers an experience of being watched through the security cameras. By a single or select group of person(s) usually that its board members or corporate higher ups which of course makes no sense at all.

Jack in The Box for instance doesn't deliver such an experience. As a TI I experience being subjected to a constant interface which results in a heavy behavior modification session.
Yet as far as being targeted.goes, their ends by these means at JITB seems to be to get the Target to think and believe differently for a better life overall. Of course be this as it may, ANY AND ALL behavior modification must be resisted and fought becuz....well becuz its wrong. End of story. They are using what amounts to punitive psychiatry. They claim.the TI is mental so perhaps this behavior mod system used in public spaces seems appropriate but in many cases its simply used to silence a victim witness, whistle blower, dissident etc.

Going along with any of this is not the way to handle being targeted. They might convince the public you are just a nothing to be mocked and laughed at or they may act like you don't matter but this is all to hide the fact you are most likely able to incriminate important people and reveal classified information.
If I was truly so unimportant I wouldn't be targeted and controlled to this extent day after day for years on end.
The people involved in this and the entire system itself seeks to cover up America's international war committing MORE war crimes.

The public doesn't know about.this system and TIs are subjected to it every day. Its not a very promising situation for Targeted Individuals.

I think this place is way to close to Washington DC is the problem. At the TA I started getting black males who were going out of their way to cross my path physically, gawk and stare and one even did a hand tactic when I was on the phone sitting down. Of course I said something to him and ended up walking away from TA using the end.word and giving the finger.

This cannot be just the way blacks are in small town PA. The truckers coming out of another truck brought me back to reality by simply stating that they were going the opposite way.
Those blacks over at TA were COINTELPRO or whatever you call them now. Antagonists. Working for the system.

Its a joke that terrorists could commit any crimes in the US even close to Washington DC. Any state surrounding there is saturated with a covert security presence. Its a fuckin joke to claim 9-11 happened by chance to begin with. From what I've seen over the years the country is completely controlled, every inch of it. And most havoc and violence is caused by the presence of antagonists along with psych warfare operations and the use of mind control technologies to drive human populations to behave in such ways.

This is a miserable place to hitch out of. And its cold.

Usually places like this that are nothing BUT tourist travel stop areas are self contained so they are little perpvilles. Gang Stalkingland and nothing else.

The closer you get northeast the more the trucking culture is blocked and hampered, firstly by a lack of good truck stops or any at all and secondly by nasty fines.and a general unfriendliness towards truckers.

In order for the northeast to function they have always kept a very strict control over the class and heirarchal structure. The trucking industry is way to strong and independent minded and spirited for this control to be maintained. All working class blue collars are designated to unions/organized crime and the police/fire malecentric 'class' or subgroup. Outside of the northeast like the south, Texas, southwest and the northwest, and to an extent CA, truckers are traditionally at odds with Smokey (police) and owner operators are independent of corporate control. Only DOT scares these people.

This subculture does.not support how the northeast creates and keeps its power structure. The northeast needs to keep its power concentrated so it can hold its own apart from other regions of the USA.

So when dealing with trucking here, beginning in Ohio really but it gets quite evident in PA, one loses the experience of the trucking lifestyle, which is basically a traveling lifestyle.

The northeast loathes this kind of untethered freedom. Their idea of freedom is ultimate political power, academic elite and excellence and the clout old money brings. Freedom here is what you can lord over the rest of the country.

This is why the trucker culture is absent from travel stops and the employees working here in this area.

Its easier to sit around your cramped Beacon Hill.shithole apartmemt and make fun of toothless hicks and hard working simple people than it is to wake up and realize that the northeast is a glorified golden cage. And nothing else.

I usually lose patience with this region just as I.have this time, within mere hours.

The heavy tech combined with a strong covert agent/police or security presence (that's abused to perform GS) along with the natural snobbishness of fat, average looking Nobody locals is a combination that is so much pressure it causes a break down within hours.

Its.not easy to be hit so hard by multiple things especially the tech basically forcing me to believe my life's work is worthless and I.will never get justice for myself or have peace of mind after telling my story.

Its brutal up here. But then again I can't get any peace from being targeted or manipulated WHEREVER I.GO IN THE UNITED STATES so why stay at all?

Oh and the most tasteless content I was targeted with at TA today was that whoever was watching me was laughing at me like laughing at.just looking at the sight of my face becuz they knew.and remembered me as either a child prostitute or from kiddie porn I.was in as a child. Like around or before 6 yrs. That young.

That the people watching me in TA percieved me as just a 'slut' type from that kind of family. That that has always been my value and how I have been percieved.

However I also got this psychic perception that whoever was watching also knew I had to be.handled carefully becuz I am capable of doing some damage becuz I do have incriminating information and a 'case' (a legal case?) if I ever was to be able to get help for whats been done to me.

Since my dad's father's family is from PA I wonder about the source of this. But it could some people connected with Washington DC or security for them considering this is so close to there.

Needless to say these have been some of the nastiest and disturbing images or impressions yet.

INTERFACE or what seems like interface with the Target through security and surveillance systems is what many of us experience. This along with then being harassed in a very specific manner that lets us know its personal and we are the focus (the target) is what makes many TIs act out in public.

I knew TA wasn't safe anymore when I found myself going into a tirade in.the ladies room.about how much I hate coming home to the Northeast.
Exactly what they wanted I am sure.

Like its my fault my mother sold me out when I was a little kid.
My cousin a PhD in genetic engineering and her father Thomas Willems used to kill people for a living.

I, being just as bright if not moreso talented and attractive have to live on the road and sleep outside with only a backpack to my name.

How does a man who kills people get such a great life for his daughter? How did everyone around me including my friends and lovers get great lives when they were all involved in criminal activity?

A human scapegoat. A human sacrifice is the only way out of their crimes. They as individuals and the entire community. So many people must know about my.past what I haven't been allowed to remember myself.

So why WOULDN'T I want to leave the USA?
Compared to these sick jerks up here in the northeast from my past and my family's connections the Mormons and the foreign Satanists involved seem like angels in comparison.

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