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On gangstalking - Blogged


Beware Of Locations Where Homeless People Frequent

The places homeless people would go to hang out or get out of inclimate weather are always psycho managed by tech. I don't know about chemical management but definitely tech.

You can always tell becuz one feels very watched by the surveillance cameras, always the same just like in certain stores. In environments like this the result is either Truman Show Syndrome or the same effect but the 'viewers' are store security.

The new location I am in central TX is pretty liberal towards travelers but still its part of the gang stalking system.

If I become docile and seem to be neglecting working on this project I get left alone. If I become reminded of my past (like seeing that musician on tv the other day who gave my ex a job and the past became alive again) then I get actively stalked with tactical activity.

That night I became upset after seeing that musician on tv I was harassed at a bus stop when leaving. Two marked cruisers passed then a detective car. Then a civilian car stopped in the middle of the street with its lights on in an obvious place to watch me and only left as the bus came and I got on. This tactic is recognized my me the conditioned TI as part of gang stalking. Its becuz this tactic is used in many other locations nationwide. The bus driver made sure she kept slowing down and breaking while driving so i couldn't get a good look at that car or its lic plate when it drove in front of us.

All the people who have these positions in society who actively harassed TIs with overt harassment during Bush and Hayden are now working for the system to simply permanently subdue Targets so we forget what happened and become normal parts of society.

This is ALL PART OF THE NWO. Its a totally psychomanaged society. The deception is its all about social responsibility or equality but that is a lie. This is the enslavement of mankind. I am not a Christian but thier Bible is either to make humans think all this is inevitable so they will go along with it or some other purpose the predictions make sense. Its also to make TIs look like Christian wackos and for operatives to hide as TIs by acting and sounding like Christian wackos.
Note how I don't end my writings with Christian crazed predictions of mass genocide or other bs that is totally outrageous and unable to prove or show cause.

The local library here is managed by cameras in the ceiling and one feels watched and interfaced by security. Judged and observed. In the Jack in the Box restaurant here one feels interfaced but not by viewers or security but by some single authority figure. The interface is constant as is the content which is constant observation and hypnotic suggestion which is of course for behavior modification.

I usually stay away from places like this for extended periods of time as I know that they are targeted like this to manage TI populations like The Homeless where many of us can be found.

If it sounds like mere mental illness then explain why it disappears when I exit these establishments. Only having such effects when staying in a certain building shows they are specific to those locations.

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