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Austin TX. Tolerant Until Film Industry Showed Up

Austin TX. The Austin Recreation Center on Shoal Creek Blvd is heavily targeted by tech. Its very bad. There is a cell tower right next to the building and its obviously the source. The houseless population who escape the homeless shelter system here end up showering here becuz Zilker park begins charging this time of year to use the facilities and Rec Center is free.

Ran into two women who were very suspect and intimidating just by saying hello. It was after I was in bathroom for a while just ready to leave.

I feel very terrorized in this location. In this city it doesnt take but a day.or two for the system to focus or zero in on an area I frequent with tech and perps. It seems they do not saturate the entire city as.other places do.

SxSW, a film festival has totally ruined the formerly chill vibe of the place and made it seem very managed and populated by perps like other big cities. The vibe before the film people came was chill and welcoming to travelers, though downtown I felt hit and messed with a bit it wasnt anything major.

This city just put in a bit to be an IT focus for Apple to expand operations. Who knows what they are up to or how long this will last.

I am daily hit with strong ideations to go back 'home' to MA. That I dont belong here, that I am a native from MA and only belong there. That I should return there tk face this and fight back from where this started.

Of coursr I avoid this becuz I know that every time I return to MA or the northeast generally my health suffers and I get a beating from the system until I leave, usually 'escaping' by the skin of my teeth.

I refuse to go through this again. I will NEVER go back to New England or NY. These
places are environmental and electromagnetic nightmares and I refuse to be intimidated or harassed into going back ever again.

The other ideation is I should leave the country without fighting for myself or even trying to see if I can take any legal action.

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