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On gangstalking - Blogged


Latest deception:
I should number these, like Lie # 1,238 or similar. There have been so many of them over these years.

Lately its been that I have to learn my lesson about Jake. And this time its not an idea or a vision.

What lesson? The kid used me and alot of the time only thought about himself.

Of.course this nonsense only occurs in heavily electromagnetized areas. More bullshit more ridiculous morality teaching that is covering.up for MK Ultra and destroying me so orgone production is not possible.

That was and is their only motive when it cutting down my sex drive or moralizing to me or trying to cut me down to get married to some square type of guy. Thats been obvious for years.

Many people who push even slightly this cover story also seem to know about the earth's natural electromagnetic spots in Lourdes France and Sedona AZ.

They also told me Tesla made the mistake of discovering energy grids that matched up with the Druidic grids. They intimated heavily that he got targeted and destroyed by this system for his work.
These are real people who have said these things in person to my face. I can recall location surroundings and faces etc. I did not imagine alot of the info that has been handed to me casually concerning this type of information. Part of their arrogance I wonder?

So obviously many people around the country are in on this system as part of defending the life destroying polluting way we live that make a certain group rich and as far as they are concerned trickle down everyone else.

I recall years ago when I was walking down Mass Ave away from Central Sq towards MIT, right at the railroad tracks actually- it was before this all came down heavy, before the world got intensely weird. I was looking up at the sun gaining some energy or at least I didn't know at the time that's what it was, a woman walked by at that moment looked at me as she passed and said "No cheating!".

That is just the kind of intrusive insane perp thing to say as well. So obviously these jerks are big fans of polluting fossil fuel systems and humans being locked into a false environment instead of getting what we need from nature.

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