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On gangstalking - Blogged


Harvard Sq Cambridge MA Becoming Closed To Homeless

Don't bother to come to Harvard Sq this year. Comraderie is almost dead here. A bunch of out of towner drunks ruined it for everyone last summer, some junkies messed it up over the winter including a stabbing over some broad, and now all the hipsters and travelers are on speed so they aren't doing much to make the place nice again. Of course as always the kids who look scruffy bums but have rich parents get to squat wherever but if yer not in the mix most likely you'll get a ticket.

Its impossible when it rains now becuz every dry spot has been destroyed by the groups I last mentioned. And of course alot of kids seem to have places to go when it rains. If yer seriously houseless and are trying to live in Harvard and accomplish something its getting very inconvenient.

I find it strange that it took only one year for the old timers to get chased off and for every spot in Harvard to become ruined.

Starbucks just moved in right across from the MBTA station. In all my years of being gang stalked Starbucks is one of the main offenders for having staff actually in on the harassment with access to intel so they can work in detail to harass the TI. Every corporate store in the US for that matter has some.sort of remote influence affect whether positive or negative.

In Burlington VT I went into many restaraunts and shops where there were no cameras and no remote influence. Thus the presence of human gang stalkers was very high. The place was unbelievably saturated.

Rule of thumb: Less remote influence via tech/chemical controls = more human forces gang stalking perpetrators being used. Less human forces in use = more remote influence via tech/chemical controls. This formula has never failed me and looking back it was true in all my past experiences as well.

I believe that the mood here has been set so that alternative social scenes fail here this year especially. It took only one year to ruin all the priveledges that were open to people for decades...not coincidence. With assistance of course from many rats and informants and shithead trouble makers the cops let loose on this place knowing what the results will be. All engineered. Remember on every police force there are members who know about this system it seems.

And I have been swayed by my parents having met here lived here and my being born just down the road. I am so humanly attached to this place that I can't think reasonably. I know logically that Central Sq and Harvard Sq both have way too many cell phone repeaters as well as high up cameras monitoring large areas. I know damn well that I have always felt terrible effects in Au Bon Paine becuz of the cell repeaters on that building's rooftop. I know all this intellectually but remember that gang stalking is a three point system. A Target is attacked with massive assaults from human forces with extreme psychological warfare and then drugged/gassed/other forms of chemical warfare. Tech is used but the person might be able to fight this is not for the other two. That is its effectiveness.

Any one point of attack a person could cope with or overcome is impossible to due to the other two always in use as well.

Its a deadly formula for destroying a human being..strong smart human beings. Over time and without society's knowledge.

If the population decided to fight gangstalking and the system didn't give in and simply attacked all who resisted then one would see the effects of our society revolving into all out war.

The point of covert ops is to get things done working around the public.

I can understand now why I am being advised to leave the country if only temporarily.

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