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Mental Disorders In Homeless Populations Are Used To Explain Away Why People Are Homeless

The Prevalence of Mental Disorders among the Homeless in Western Countries: Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis

Its assumed that the demographics of homeless people are as follows: addicts, drunks, severely mentally ill (low funtioning), broad spectrum disorders (high to med funtioning) and homeless by choice. People dont know about homeless lifestyles generally Ive noticed.
Some homeless travel (crusties/travelers) others stay only in shelters (shelter rats) and others sleep outside in one city or town they call home (homebums). Its always amazing to me when some people ask why I dont stay in a shelter.

Its not the public's fault that homelessness is never explained to them as a system and they are enlightened as to how it works.
The same thing goes for vices like drugs prostitution etc. Every interested party wants to make sure that the public dont understand how these things work and that is due of course to legitimate business and professionals all engaging in or benefiting from these worlds so authorities keep them hidden, disinform the public and keep a tight guard on these populations.

Being victimized in the US on the level of some bribery happy third world country only takes keeping the realities of these crimes away from the public.

This country doesnt even think to wonder whether someone is a targeted whistle blower or activist. Most people in democracies have a hard time accepting this as part of what brings them a good life in the country they live in which is why gang stalking has to be done covertly partially due to the money that is made from black budgets but also if people knew there would be public outcry and things would have to change. Also keeping the west a consumer culture requires keeping people in a state of dependency on consumerism and selfishness and greed must be cultivated and maintained.

So ultimately, people will react to a threat to thier quality of life they depend on by writing off homeless people as either crazy or willfully not taking part in the system.

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