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Anti Homeless Laws Are Anti Targeted Individual Laws

The divide between the public sympathizing with or understanding the Homeless  and the homeless ourselves is the largest I can recall in my lifetime.

The homeless went from being a major cause along with the environment in the 90s to being villified by Bush and now what Americans consider a bad economy.

The sad thing is that targeted individuals who live as homeless people are society's key to understanding why the country has gone downhill and why things have become so oppressive, so difficult. TIs experience the full dose of this system whereas the public are allowed some rewards under the system in place using mass mind control on everyone, due to thier ignorance or compliance.

Thus the public now dont understand what is going on with homelessness and the way its being done to get rid of us or make us go inside (impossible for a TI) is through covert warfare which the public doesnt see or the system uses the Cause-A-Problem/Solve-A-Problem tactic to create conditions so ridiculous that the public just want to see the area cleaned up.

Notice that as the country has become more dependent on war crime activity and anti humanitarian ways of making money that people who represent oppression or know too much about anti humanitarianism at home are being shunned. The public knows that America has become an ogre, that we are doing so under the guise of human rights while committing international war crimes or creating legal ways to do so and they dont want to know.

During Obama its become more anti homeless than under any other president in my lifetime.Much of this is being done by authorities in different cities and states which makes it look separate but authorities in different locations communicate with each other regularly and work together considering terrorism and globalism. Obama appears to be for the poor by keeping people focused on his funding that specializes in minorities and African initiatives and creating housing which does not focus on the management of homelessness or even dealing with the oppression of people who are homeless for various reasons. Which of course denies the Homeless a voice once again and especially keeps it from being revealed that many people who are homeless are targeted and we are homeless because we are kept that way by a shadow system that exists and that thier wealthy, freedom loving, humanitarian country could not exist without it.

It seems to me that cops vary on what they know. Some are in on this system and some aren't. That's from dealing with street cops as a homeless person but also in instances where obviously a marked police car and an officer in uniform was performing gang stalking harassment. Who knows what exists in the higher ranks of the authorities. I  know I had a crappy experience calling the FBI  twice during this entire campaign. In fact, the police seem more responsible than the FBI did. The FBI seemed like they were fully in on gang stalking, knew about it and thier first response was to deny it (in very manipulative ways). It was more disturbing than dealing with any police every could have been.

Its scary how corrupt this country is now because unlike years prior, people deny that that is the case, which is the scary part.

So police often seem like they are enforcing laws that they know are anti homeless in the interest of a business association or to get rid of people who dont have money or scare away tourists but its questionable as to how much they know generally about Targeted Individuals being a good part of the population of homeless people.

The country is really trying to clean up the homeless scene so that no activists or victim-witnesses can have a subculture to exist in to go against the system or eventually gain justice for themselves.

The total lack of club houses or homeless hostels or some programs that would allow higher functioning people to get away from the other demographics is very suspect. We all know that the system depends on the other demographics to help oppress higher functioning people in the oppressor's  interests.

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Snobert said...

You know, I heard a lot about anti-homeless laws, but it never once occured to me that they might actually be laws against TIs. You're article really serves as an eye opener. I also know what you mean about Obama only wanting to help certain kinds of "poor" people who happen to be minorities. The guy is very obviously only "helping" them, so he can recruit them as foot soldiers to unleash against decent Americans like you and I, who will not stand for their global dictatorship. I do know that I have these certain kinds of minorities involved in my targeting. I'm not blaming everything on Obama and his minions, though. I do acknowledge that we are mainly being attacked by an elite who are hiding in the shadows and controlling the policies of nations with Obama just being another puppet.