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If You Are Allergic To Dust Mites This Mite Pandemic Will Make You Miserable-But Not Alone

When are institutions especially communal living situations like homeless shelters, day programs and anywhere there's much traffic going to learn that cloth and foam on chairs as well as anything with fabric and stuffing is going to be a hazard for spreading health hazards. Clothe seats on public transportation is the most ridiculous thing I have seen in a long time. Is this done on purpose to help spread misery among the poorer classes or something? Seats can contain mites and such and don't even get me started on thinking about parasitic disease. Its unsanitary end of story. In a communal living or traveling space only plastic seats or plain wood should be used. couches should be covered in plastic and futons would be preferable with a sealed cover over the futon itself then a futon cover. Carpeting should be avoided with just hardwood floors or better yet ceramic tile or the best-concrete underfoot only perhaps with lenoleum floor. Bugs and mold have a harder time invading Yang materials i notice like glass, marble, concrete, steel, metal etc but the mold issue is still possible.
As far as mattresses i don't know. Id be happier with futons or mats on the floor of a more hygienic, simpler, cleaner shelter than all the fancy pretty girly stuff thats a health hazard. it would be so much less expensive to simply build it correctly from the beginning.
Its like the being homeless on holidays thing. You resent society gorging you on those days yet you can't find a place to shower on a Sunday. Its so damned inconsistent.

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