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How Nanny States Provide For The Uppitiest Of Classes

Some places consider themselves Democrat or Liberal or Republican or Conservative yet each state seems to handle homelessness differently. I'll never forget that perp student librarian at MIT who as part of this nasty directed conversation, was bitching about MA being a nanny state. Good u little bastard why don't we take all those animals off welfare and close the shelters in Boston or Maryland or NY and see exactly what happens when they aren't provided for. They are going to come rob your rich student ass and go to your parents house eventually. (Ive heard stories about ghetto trash taking public transport or any way they can to do theft or robbery in nicer neighborhoods. their is good reason that rich places don't want trains or buses going through there.)

Boston knows its got a very nasty arrogant and now more intelligent population of various kinds of poor people there. The transplants from down south of the former slave population being the absolute worst (at least 40% come from southern migrants.) This does not include new immigrants from totally screwed up countries like Haiti and Africa with horrid human and civil rights records. Both of those populations have brought the worst of their culture to areas like Boston where the rich and the ethnically strong (Italian, Irish, Jewish) can fend them off by their cultural cohesiveness but anyone not having a group's protection is going to suffer. Even poor ethnic areas are now infiltrated.
The nanny state exists so that the rich can sleep at night. That spoiled MIT brat probably knows that but the wealthy up there often tap into propaganda aimed at the middle class to continue to cover what is really going on.
Lets not forget how much Boston stands to get out of people who are controlled by psychiatry largely nowadays (lower classes) as well as health care and other human services. All that grant money keeps flowing. All those human bodies any of which can be used for black projects without their knowledge.

So think next time about what the professional classes and others get from a nanny state. Ive learned there isn't much they don't already know and that isn't set up for their benefit from the get go.

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