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On gangstalking - Blogged


Informants ans Rats Constantly Surround The TI

Informants and rats are constantly around the TI especially if they are homeless. I can't get away from these kinds of people. They are.the.first ones to want to be around or befriend the Target.

There's a deaf guy in our camp I don't trust ans.of course any of the junkies or people who end up in jail alot u have to wonder about.

They usually have money alot and have wonxerous stories about people just giving them things. They walk into places where the TI usually vets.treated very badly and get preferential treatment. Medical, dental etc.

They end up often walking away from probation or multiple offenses.

These days there is no honor system on the streets and rats are usually the norm.

It also looks good for the smear campaign becuz a TI is made out to be a rat along with the other things we know are smears. So if yer around those people it backs up the smear.

You can also be mind controlled into doing stupid things that they will use against you. The point is to ensure that the TI has no cred or is hated by society and constantly controlled by police via informants.

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