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On gangstalking - Blogged


TIs Dealing With Homelessness and Travel

From all my experience I can say it seems that we do indeed presently live in a psycho civilized society.
I was just traveling through an area of the desert that has no phone reception. Just like my experience a year ago in southern Ill near the TN border, wherever there is no cell reception as well as internet does not work one can feel relief.
Today I felt very much like I did before the events of 2002 or earlier. Back when life was good. I felt a sense of privacy return, of health. My body's reaction, even sexually were a return to normalcy and health.

What I experience daily since around 2001-2003 is a break down of health, sanity and a feeling of being...'possessed' by an outside force. It would sound like mental illness or even something metaphysical- if it didn't follow the exact behavior of technological influence not metaphysical or my imagination. Each time I enter that rare zone where there is no cell reception and no internet I feel relief.

If you have been driven into destitution and homelessness and you are not the type of Target to stay in one place, then you may become a traveler due to being persecuted. You will find that each location presents different kinds of challenges as a Targeted Individual.

I can say that I learned the hard way, I had to finally accept that big cities are so managed by tech or at least accept there's so much electromagnetic pollution that certain TI's will have various problems there.

An old traveler, also from Boston told me yesterday "Its the same in all cities now. Its either gangs or YUPpies." And he is correct. I have seen this happen in every major city in the US over the years. These cities obviously have agendas and they are all not only similar but seem to feed into a larger agenda. Gang stalking using human forces as well as tech for population management is most likely thier idea of protecting thier investments in these gentrified cities.

You can actually see the 'gangs' working along with the system in San Diego so everybody makes money. I get the impression that if anyone did not play along with the agenda they would find themselves listed as terrorists very quickly. Perhaps its intel or other shadow people among that population. I cant figure it as I don't know enough about the way things work at the street level and a bit higher...but I know what I saw especially in places like SD. Everyone disappears when there is a game. No scum bags annoying people on the streets. And after the homeless snowbirds leave homelessness gets ugly as the sports stadium money moves into season.

To destroy you must give something of equal value. The people involved in gang stalking believe they are protected from these rules due to thier own little set of metaphysical standards including destroying to benefit themselves.
They believe that a faceless mass or mob is protected and will never have to pay for what they have done.
We are talking strangers, firemen, cops, my own mother, security from MBTA.

So like many targets you may hit the road. You will then have to formulate a new way of living AROUND the system you discover exists.
In fact as you keep traveling it becomes more obvious than ever that tech is being used to manage the public and its different in ever city. After coming back from SD that has a large amount of severely mentally ill running around the streets in the homeless population, I realize that there are people with true disorders and there are definately targeted individuals that end up in places like that. They become more abused and cornered by the system and they never come out of the rabbit hole. 'They'- thier old life and true Selves, dies.

I realize that it may be necessary to travel to find where you survive best but do not get stuck in places that are so heavily targeted. Your hometown is where you can be targeted the most effectively due to many emotional vulnerabilities you may have there.

Its a good idea to document the changes in your being targeted with every new place you travel to. You will hopefully experience much of the harassment as truly tech based due to changes from your environment.
There is no city I have been to that wasnt targeted.

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Anonymous said...

WI FI hit my town a few years ago and I felt it without even knowing it had been turned on. I think this is what MAKES THE PERPS, I really do. I think the EMFs and ELFs and cell phone towers (whose radiation has been proven to milk the calcium right out of the cells) are killing some kind of natural CONNECTION and humans either fight to keep the connection or give in. Perps and all these pieces of shit who go along with the sheeple system are BRAIN DEAD from their cleaning and perfume products too, so some EMFs are just the final straw to keep them in zombie land. And how conveeeeenient that no one can see this poison all around us.