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On gangstalking - Blogged


Tricked out shopping carts

Since yer not crazy but highly intelligent (due to getting even this far by figuring out that this is a system and not a mental illness or the lame-ass 'Truman Show Syndrome' where TI's dont even know they are targeted but are immediately misdirected by the psychiatric community into thinking that they suffer a delusion that thier lives are being watched and broadcast as entertainment. Most people are so trained by our culture that they dont even see the human and civil rights issues with the movie itself or what would be wrong with a human being treated that way.) those of you forced into houselessness will appreciate this post. Perhaps looking into these options might even improve morale..uh, you might want to dispense with the GPS and watch out for vandals..being a target and all.

I actually spent time with some cool people I met in San Diego where our friend had his stuff in a cart from Home Depot. He wanted to scratch off the Home Depot logo and replace it with Harley due to it being orange. Why not make homeless gear streamlined or more practical? This is my number on gripe about this subculture other than the severely mentally ill in some cities (like San Diego) getting morale down for the rest of us.

The reason is becuz in a capitalist society like this one nowadays especailly its not supposed to be comfortable or socially acceptable to be a nomad or houseless which is why the culture has to be marginalized, harassed, controlled, criticized and vilified. How else would everyone who works so hard or sacrifices so much look so good? Of course many of us are very driven, multi talented, smart and attractive but that hasnt stopped the system from keeping us down thanks to covert warfare- organized stalking and harassment.
Its in everyones best interest that the homeless population be the modern day peasant class. Every kingdom needs one you know. And having so many severely dysfunctional people like the severely mentally ill and crackheads will surely keep the rest of us down.

You will find this among the local 'homebum' population in large cities.

Interestingly I have experienced theater or related gang stalking behavior from kids who look like train hoppers near San Diego. Hmmm. Cant trust anyone in this game I guess its always going to be true.

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