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The Reagan era and the homeless 'problem', especially the severely mentally ill
A 2004 article on Reagans' legacy as president of US. Info about policies pertaining to homelessness.
Reagan emptying mental institutions helped the corporate prison structure become huge business.;f=37;t=001063;p=0
How bills were passed.

Dealing with so many severely mentally ill human beings within the 'homeless' scene/circuit is often steassful as well as can affect morale of any TI, who by the nature of our predicaments, are battling to retain sanity perhaps even daily. If you are sane and above average intelligence the system has less of a shot at destroying you completely and turning you into a mumbling mass of flesh from truama. There are many aspects to consider within the subject of homelessness from what it means to you the individual TI as well as historically tracing how this situation has grown over decades..and just exactly does the system- covert and overt, get out of it being set and run the way it is now.

In San Diego its obvious that this population is let run amock at the expense of other demographics of houseless people. The excuse will be to validate Reagan's assessment, that if you stay in this nightmare you do so by choice for why would you stay if it is so unpleasant and ill managed? The mindset would be to claim that a temporary situation is not supposed to be comfortable ( I have heard this said word for word and its just another way to excuse corruption and mismanagement) and alot of other Capitalist society based BS or brainwashing if you will via perceptions from that point of view being used as weapons. But what are they defending? And why is the word "nomad" and the label "Nomadic" such a threat? Becuz we dont pay? So make a functioning system where we do pay that suites our situations, or make it easier for RESPONSIBLE and SANE and SOBER houseless people to camp or squat by issuing them ID's that identify them as such and give them priveledge over other types of 'homeless' people. Why must people like me exist in a system with criminals and severely mentally ill persons?

No one has an answer unless they try to claim that I am in fact severely mentally ill due to the claims I make say, in these blogs. If you do so I want a date in court where I will sing very loudly concerning the convenient timing of your claims during a federal investigation of a very important madame within a structure guilty of money laundering and dont forget how all the trust fund brats got off or got to use me to divert attention from thier drug busts...oh and my mom's crooked law suits.

Let you not forget, ever, that I am not 'crazy' but I also am not stupid nor lazy nor peacable...nor am I finished yet either.

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