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ADHD Linked To Wanderlust Gene In Humans-Being A Traveler Might Come Naturally

Scientists Link Gene Variant To Human Longevity:

Restless Genes:

I am very fortunate to be of a generation (Gen X) where they did NOT medicaid us as it wasn't part of the culture yet in my class and social level of society.

They knew you were 'bright' but just not made for the classroom so they would pass you and hope you find your way or you'd have a hard time, drop out and forge your own path some other way.

It was also a time where our Boomer parents still had strong a hold on society and bohemian and alt cultures were tolerated.

Terrorism as its known now hadnt come to America yet and so going or existing outside the established structure of society hadnt caught the interest of authorities or citizens the way it does today.

You could find your way elsewhere or get the wanderlust out of your system enough to find something you could focus on.

Its important in America to control people now but I notice that much of the wonderful things our gene family brought to the world doesnt exist much anymore.

I dont meet or see many younger people who look like me or resemble our kind. If I do they are Traveling kids who are recovering from being medicated with Riddlin or similar drugs as kids and resent the system.

Pass this on. I think its important to start advocating against preventing us -7R's from existing in the modern civilized world. Much is missing due to us being missing from the natural human landscape.

These studies have also found that we have bodies that are more geared towards long distance travel. This may be why we 'recognize' each other and Travelers kind of look the same, other than the styles that define the subculture.

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