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On gangstalking - Blogged


Dunkin Donuts Strikes Again-Newport RI (Could Be Most Oppressive Chain?)

Have vid of hysterical group of older kinda creepy Europeans or Canadians witj Americans who are genteel bikers mobbing my sitting area. At least perps are colorful here). Dunkin Donuts in Newport RI, 7 Memorial Blvd has minimal gang stalking activity thats overt from employees (other than one rude ass young short light skinned black or Latina woman who is a demanding little bitch when you dont answer her right away when she asks you if she can help you when shes assisting whoever is at the register. Law enforcement or security guard in the making or wanna be.) The harassment comes from locals or at least citizens who come into the shop which is very small. Alot of 'regular guy' types like small trade and construction or moving companies etc at this location. The employees are aware of the gang stalking and seem to make disapproving faces when the Target reacts to harassment which Ive only done a few times. They are ok but the manager is a woman who is uptight and will tell you the owner doesnt want anyone plugging their phone into the outlets above the seats. Typical lame excuses pretending they care like "god forbid anything should happen to your phone". As if the DD would be legally responsible. Only person who seems sympathetic is tall white kid but with the black and all those females in there hes surrounded by multicult PC so decency is out the door and the PC cult is out for blood against say..people like me. The black kid is nice actually but I dpnt trust him fully. Lots of harassme t here especially from (big surprise): African Americans,various ethnicities of trash, union types like regular guys and tourists. The decent people left of which there is less and less of in America of course simply mind their own business. The NWO and gang stalking seem to be being perpetrated by common people who hate anyone or anything that's true quality or naturally superior which is why they want to destroy the old guard. So we can all be stupid and average and money grubbing without any real taste or class and naturally ignorant of the arts especially discouraging them from daily life which of course should be full of their kind of mundane endless socialization. World peace can only exist when everyone is dumbed down to their level,the arts are destroyed and every culture and race is sitting together in Starf*cks, zoning mindlessly for hours in front of a glowing lap top screen sipping corporate chain culture-as-reality and ignoring the truly pressing issues of the times. It seems to not live in denial now is not just impolite or socially taboo but its probably equated with terrorism. I was staying away from the DD near the police station to avoid trouble and out of respect but its clear thats probably SAFER than this one.

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