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Left Berkeley, mc Unbeatable

Forced to buy pair of boots can't wear now. Berkeley is a place that gets one obsessed with vanity, appearance and aesthetics. I somehow got sucked into making this bad purchase. The tech in Berkeley is awful. Its the university and also COINTELPRO in Oakland. Its a and its so politically active its a shame becuz it cud be wonderful. Theres no way to beat the tech and system of mind control there. Don't dare go.back to fight to return them. Got.them stretched before bought anyway. Feel like a total poser tool having doc martens turns out made in Vietnam. Ive.found that going online and talking to people traveling there are far more newer trends that come rooted in what makes alternative cultures. I'd be better off with Grinders made in England than docs or red wings. Going towards still trying to leave country.


stephan said...

i am 18 yrs old and i am targeted and homeless. i dont know where to go and what to do. i tried to get into shelters here but the gs system seems to heavily target me to keep me out. i dont know where to sleep at night - should i go into the woods? i have an old car i have been trying to live in but i have no gas and i cnat stretch out. i dont have anywhere to go theyve turned my own family against me by trying to make it look like i "stole" my own parents car when i had text messages saying that i could borrow it but the cops took my phone and the messages disappeared then they charged me with theft of car when i should have been charged with unauthorized use (even though i shouldnt have been charged with anything) and my step father wont drop the charges and my mom cant take me in cause she lives in his house - i am targetted heavily by gs and i never have been homeless and i dont know where to go i have no money just 200 dollars a month in food stamps but it seems like when i try to sit in mcdonalds and places people ask me to leave and idk im just scared and i dont know what to do in my situation plz give me advice

america is supposed to be this rich ocuntry where this shit isnt supposed to happen but it seems like its all about keeping me poor and hurting me and PUSHING ME OUT OF THE WAY of rich people who dont even want to see me. cops just seem like they are there to hide me away from the rich and idk im going to have to leave here shortly idk where to go or what to do

Snobert said...

Good luck with leaving the United States. I wish I could get the hell out of here. I should have left in 2006, 2008 at the latest.

Jayla Marie Smith said...

I don't know if this is true or not, but supposedly they can't target you if you are in a boat on the ocean some distance away from cell phone towers. A used sailboat can be had for $2,000-$5,000. I plan to purchase one in about nine months and try it. If this is satellite-based, it may or may not be successful. At least it would be a way to figure out what is going on? We could definitively say cell phone tower or satellite at the least. If it is successful, I'd like to get together a "flotilla" of us on the Florida coast. Rice, beans, and pasta is dirt cheap; we could also fish. I doubt this would come to fruition before a year but it is a long-term goal. It may be possible to make money by selling crafts and things on the internet. Have you filed for ssi/disability? That alone is enough to pay for this lifestyle if you have a boat. There are free psychiatrists everywhere - you're obviously depressed so you could get it for a legitimate reason. If we have a group of boats then it would offer us some protection from criminals and inclement weather. Contact me at if interested! I can't offer a place to stay right now because I'm saving up money for this and am staying with relatives. However, this may be a long-term solution?

On_GangStalking said...

now u gotta watch out for radiation in the oceans especially the west coast. I was out there. I got sick from being on that coast after Fukishima and near the pollution of Mexico. They are going to get us coming or going. Only the elite will flourish and survive this other than some miracle. If u wanna try it go ahead. But Ive been places with no towers and there are worse kinds of signals coming seemingly from underground bases or in mountains like in Wyoming. America is riddled with weird stuff no one knows about but the military. Nevada, Cali, the northwest and southwest. There's something big going on in those places. At least in the midwest, you can plainly see perps coming at you...good luck.