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Berkeley CA Has Become Really Rough-Tech Is Incredibly Strong and Disabling

Its super rough here these days. The only relief from tech harassment out in public spaces has been like being in a public bathroom space in a parking garage, so obviously its in open air in public space. Shattuck is terrible though the harassment by cops is less. Infamous Telegraph Ave still has a peaceful, tech free vibe and someone mentioned that part of the gentrification of the street was to include a public wi fi system. This would be a major blow to an area that is a refuge for all kinds of alternative people. I am having a kid try to get me into a squat house of his own volition but I dont know if its a set up or not. harassment consists of basically stopping me from going forward or commpleting my plans to write a book. that I am old, my book is useless, no one is paying attention in the big picture no one will care. Very much taking away from my being able to just please myself. Now I see why its been guidance to go further north to another state. btw lots of Romney supporter type families have kids at UC Berkeley. Nuff said.

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