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Homeless Population and Culture As A Holding Area For Victims Of CrimesCrimes

One major reason for driving whistle blowers and victim witnesses into the homeless life and population is to ensure they are kept down by the poor trearment and vilification the homeless population recieve.

It should strike people as an odd coincidence that the sex industry is kept shrouded in mystery, the public seems ignorant of how it works and workers are constantly vilified in an ongoing effort to create a place where lots of other activities can take place unseen by the public and without public scrutiny. Covert ops, black projects, mind control slavery which is connected of course to sex work, drug running, money laundering and spying activities such as honey pots, entrapments, material for black mail to control key people and couriers of information where before advanced technology used the human brain in very sophisticated ways for taking in information and regurgitating it.
Human experimentation obviously as this has even been documented to be admitted by the CIA themselves that prostitutes are a popular guinea pig as they are people who cant fight back or get revenge as they are shunned by society and have no power to begin with. What they omitted is that there is a high probability that many of those sex workers who seem randomly screwed over simly becuz they are powerless or whatever else ,are indeed mind controlled slaves. The time and effort put into such people since childhood makes them of value for life as far as exploitation goes, though it seems that many who are not deemed usable(or controllable) in the long run are expendable, which is what suicide programming is all about.

As well the homeless culture is alo kept shrouded kn myatery and especially recently, coincidentally after the system came after so mamy Survivors during Bush and srill its going on, The Homeless are freely villified, hated, set on fire in theor sleep and scape goated for being responsible for gentrified YUPpy areas not looking as sterile and pwefect as they shoukd by desing.

This is all coordinated as far as I am concerned. It makes sense and its quite logical.

Always remeber that rhose of us born into this know all too well that control is the constant factor. They contrl you when you arw usable and of value and they need to control you when you wake up ans naturally want to grow. Destroying your mind and beating you don into the homeless population is simply a way of controlling theSurvivor in an extreme way, just as extreme as when you are fully still under mind control whn younger, excpet this time the Survivor is aware of what is transpiring.
I have noted over the years that this system is obsessed with crearing holding areas or patterns for Targeted Individuals and Survivors of mind control.

You get targeted and taken right from leaving the sex industry into destitute homelessless. Does anyone see how ridiculously convenient this is for a society that is hiding alot kf crimes and foul play?

No matter how much activism I do it will never have been enough to save my own life or future. It isnt being done fast enough. Places like Cambridge MA and Berkeley CA are so targeted at this point that one can hardly get anything relevant done. While in Cambridge I was interfaced and targeted so consistently that I couldn't even think straight much less keep focus. I wasn't even myself anymore, that is how bad this is now.

I notice in Berkeley where its less all pervasive and one can keep focus to a point there arent the services there are in Cambridge MA. I dont have access to a computer for hours a day.

So even if people are provided the resources they need to do activism or whistle blow, if you simply target these people or the resource centers or the resource center computers are tweeked, they wont be able to utilize those outlets of free speech anyway.

This and other things going are what is behind or included in Bush's sentiment that the US Constitution is just a piece of paper. In fact he is ultimately correct, it is just that. Its like a promisery note with nothing of value to back it up. Its a bluff at the table, if human power and effort are not present to enforce it...or are not allowed to enforce it by sneaky, underhanded means like using these technologies.

The anger towards people like Bush has always seemed to me useless. They dont do anything different than any other con man, criminal, politician or big businessman. They happen to be extremely good at it and overt about pulling it off, almost as entertainment. If one digs deeper, you'll note they are representing special interests. You can blame Bush all you want but there are people who exist that require the actions he and his son have taken.

Look at it as they play the games so well people cant keep up. The public who are angered or disappointed by these types of actions are considered by others to simply not be able to cut it in the type of cut throat business that makes the most monies. You can keep calling them The Bush Crime family but without proof or a serious taking on of the issue instead of just talking about it, they and the people they represent will remain legitimized.

Its all trickery. Once you understand how the tricks work, you wont be so angry or take it personally. Think of yourselves as easily deceived by tricksters, not oppressed by ultimate power thats absolute or written in stone.

All the fear mongering and other tacics get the public to believe that, its simply a psychological wall built by tactics. Yes you will be harassed if you know too much or stand up to such powers, but how much do you like living as a prisoner in a total lie?

People like me are born into such messes and have little option but to fight if we want to live.

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