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Positive experiences in Boston this time

Allright some positive stuff to counter things so negative.

I want to thank UMass on Friday for being open and for the mostly female staff at the desk being helpful. The last time I was here they logged me on and told me I could only use the computers in the front row as a guest and then someone was behind me watching a few minutes later.

The girl here today thought that them telling me that I could only use one certain computers as a guest was strange. Yeah I get that alot. I get treated different alot.

And Emerson has been harassment free this time around. No bullshit cops or security messing wiht me or students playing spy games (give it up kiddies).

Also I want to thank a dr in oral surgery at Tufts who I dont want to get targeted for helping me. After you get past that dickhead named Kent at the front desk of oral surgery and I had to go to patient advocacy to get around the BS system they have in place to make people give up and go away, I finally got my tooth out and it was so much less traumatic than what they did to me at the horrible ghetto place in Roxbury where the nurse kept info from the doctor about what was going on and tried to make me look like a drug seeker ( i posted it last year). And it wsa so obviously a set up becuz a woman who works at St Francis also seems to have been there when I was getting my tooth pulled. The dentist was kind of evil as well. Everybody looked really guilty when I was screaming getting my tooth pulled out.

I should not have to be losing my teeth like this but I couldnt go to a dentist while being harassed so hard and years ago they took out dentist services out of MASSHEALTH for a few years and it was long enough for alot of people to lose track of their dental care and the decay set in during those years. They never should have taken dental out. And if they were going to they should have warned us so we could make other arrangements.

To think my step father worked so hard to pay for braces out of his own pocket, which even though my mother is an ungrateful bitch, I always remembered what he did for us. Its sad I had to lose my pretty smile to this systems bullshit.

Rosie's had a nice layout for Thanksgiving. You could eat all day and there was Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to Rosie's Place. Usually I havent encountered any problems there throughout this ordeal but I havent really stayed there due to it being hard to get in..for me with the schedule I keep up.

Oh and I dont believe I have had to deal with any fireman or cop bs. Whatsa matta? get bored harassing me did we? No fun since I dont look super attractive anymore? They have probably moved on to someone younger who is still confused about being a target. Some other pretty girl they can be in on destroying. Or did I get special treatment in how viscous you all were to me?

The shelters seem to be cleaning up thier act but staff is still creepy and they still change the rules depending what day it is...and you are still treated like a child but on some level alot of these women must care to do what they do. Its the ones who were in on being perps that I dont like.

Cant sleep outside its too dangerous and its too cold. Hope to be leaving soon to somewhere I can actually function and also its too moldy and humid..not good for past mold exposure. Need somewhere dry.

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