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On gangstalking - Blogged


Back in your hometown

I am back in Boston. I am seeing homebums who I saw before when trapped here as a 'homeless' person. It is the saddest thing I have seen lately. They will never know that there is another system out there, that Boston and all its falsely created realities about race, gender and class..all the smoke this town blows up everyone's ass, they will never escape the psychological prison formed by Boston's way of doing things.

And true enough I would rather be in Nashvegas right now.

You dont have to stay trapped by where the system wants to put you.

The thing about your hometown perps is that they will always think they know you and in the beginning they really feel they own you. I hate to sound sexist but its true that as a female you are going to get alot of male perps. They are more into controlling a situation in such ridiculous ways like this...and so you get this targeting that is very much like a large collective boyfriend who is extremely possessive and abusive- the one on one stalking and harassment that everyone readily admits to.

You have to let your hometown know that you are not owned by them and they only arrogant enough to think they know you.

Its fun to haunt people who helped sell you out as well. They really are so controlled by the system that they naively believed that you would just go away or they would never have to deal with you again. Sometimes just showing up is enough. Let them know that you will be coming back and showing up anytime you please.

This is why the smart perps, the designers stay hidden.

Some people its better to never see at all..then you can let them know that they dont exist. Due to the amount of perps who are delusional about the power trips that they are in on, this is more effective a tactic. Show them how they measure up on a world scale opposed to thier little area of the world.

THIS is the benefit of being a traveler opposed to being driven out into being destitute and letting the local system define who you are.

The perps all only have THEMSELVES to blame and their own guilt to fear.

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